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    18 Small Changes To Make Moving House Easier

    From house to home.

    1. Make some dinners in bulk and freeze them.

    2. Don't pack up your fridge last.

    3. Leave out clean sheets and towels.

    4. Buy boxes online.

    5. Stockpile newspapers.

    6. Buy a tape dispenser.

    7. Label the boxes.

    8. Get people to help you.

    9. Have a schedule.

    10. Plan where you will store your boxes.

    11. Pack extra toilet roll for the new house.

    12. Don't over-fill boxes.

    13. Buy vaccum pack bags.

    14. Redirect your post.

    15. A month before you move, have a clear out.

    16. Pay for delivery.

    17. Do an online food shop and arrange for it to arrive on your first day.

    18. Or figure out a local take-away in advance.