15 Cards Every Daughter Should Send Their Mum

    And then put it in the post!

    1. For a booze-loving mum.

    2. For a make-up loving mum.

    3. For a sweary mum.

    4. For a non-sweary mum.

    5. For a bloomin' brilliant mum.

    6. For a technophobe mum.

    7. For a scientific mum.

    8. For a bake-off mum.

    9. For a horror-fan mum.

    10. For a cool mum.

    11. For a great step-mum.

    12. For a mum in law.

    13. For a mum that isn't a mum.

    14. For a new mum.

    15. For a special mum.