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    15 Cookbooks That Will Help You Eat A Little Healthier

    Whether you're veggie, vegan or just love vegetables – we've got you covered.

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    1. For when you want to learn about healthy vegetarian dishes, but don't know where to start: The Happy Pear, Β£16.99,

    Promising review: "This is by far my most used cookbook (out of about 30) – partly because I've loved everything I've cooked, partly because of the amazing reception from my dinner guests, and partly because I've learned so much about cooking and food.

    I cooked the lentil moussaka for my parents and two friends recently (it's my favorite) – my parents LOVED it and our other dinner guests asked for the recipe to try the next weekend they liked it so much.

    My husband and I aren't vegetarian or vegan, but, these meals taste so good and typically go over and above what I'd expect from a meat dish every time. You can tell that the Happy Pear have spent a huge amount of time constructing the recipes to taste amazing every time - really interesting and clever mix of spices, herbs and flavors often without any oil or fat." – Brooklyn Babe

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    2. For when you're sick of meat-substitutes, or want to have a meat-free Monday: River Cottage Veg Every Day, Β£17


    Promising review: "So many books aimed at cooking with vegetables focus on creating the same meals, but with substitutes for the meat element. I'm not a vegetarian, but I want to cut down my meat eating to a couple of times a week. Hugh's book could have been written for me. He ignores the concept of making substitutes for meat and instead creates recipes making vegetables the star of the show, no meat or meat substitute required.

    And very tasty they are too. It's also a beautiful book with that 'soft' pastel feel and lovely artwork. It's a big chunk of a book too, lots to get your teeth into, literally. I'd recommend this book to anyone looking to expand their cooking knowledge of vegetables well past the boil or steam methods... It also covers some of the more 'exotic' veg you see in the store but were too afraid to buy as you've no idea what to do with them..." – Ian Anderson

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    3. For when you want to add an extra portion of vegetables to your dishes: On The Side, Β£13.60,

    Promising review: "Love this book! Trying to introduce more veggies into my meals and this helped me do that with some really interesting recipes.

    Tried out about 10 of the recipes so far and loved them all. Would highly recommend." – Amazon Customer

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    4. For when you want quick and tasty home-cooking: Fresh, Β£16.59


    Promising review: "I love cook books. My favourites are ones with flavoursome, healthy recipes that include lots of veg, but aren't necessarily vegetarian.

    This has quickly become my number one favourite. There are two reasons for this – first my reluctant husband has started to enjoy cooking again (after a long cooking hiatus) because he enjoys the making and the eating of the recipes in this book so much. While I am excited that the meals are so healthy and delicious, he says that it feels like eating tasty trashy food (he's a die hard junk food lover). Everyone wins. Hurrah.

    The second reason is that the recipes are really simple to make, and use readily available ingredients. All of the recipes are meals in themselves with a full complement of accompaniments included for each dish. And everything tastes fantastic. So far I think that we've tried about half the recipes in the book and there has not been a duff one amongst them. There's a good mix of lighter meals, lunch options, breakfasts and larger meals, and tons of variety in the kinds of flavours on offer. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone that likes quick, easy and tasty home-cooking with an emphasis on fresh ingredients." – Lamby Lamb

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    5. For when you're sick of cauliflower curry : Fresh India: 130 Quick, Easy and Delicious Indian Recipes for Everyday, Β£10,

    Promising review: "Every recipe is a hit, amazing flavours and some quick recipes for when you have less time. Blackened sweetcorn is now my teenage daughter's favourite snack. Made the mango, tamarind and paneer salad last night, which is the best so far. Buy it and enjoy." – Doris Rocks

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    6. For when you're more experienced and open to experimentation: Eat, Β£20.67, Instagram: @nigelslater

    Promising review: "One of my favorite cook books of all time. A fantastic range of recipes within the reach of all chefs and all tastebuds; it seems whatever mood I am in and however much time and energy I am willing to devote there is a dish for the occasion. I like how the recipes contain the ingredients and quantities within the method section as this makes for a smoother and more logical process. The book also has a unique way of organising and differentiating recipes which is refreshing and can help you decide when you are unsure what to make." – Jambo

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    7. For when you're hungry and in a hurry: Leon: Fast Vegetarian, Β£19.99

    Promising review: "A really great selection of vegetarian recipes with a wide variety of key ingredients. The book really encompasses a mixture of dishes including starters, mains, sides, deserts, dressings and sauces. The two recipes we have tried to far (soba noodles with vegetables & polenta with creamed kale) were both delicious and idiot-proof; a necessity in our kitchen! Highly recommend to all chefs; even those seasoned vegetarians are sure to find some new and exciting ideas in here." – Florence

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    8. For when you want to eat seasonally, but don't know where to start: A Change of Appetite, Β£19.99

    Promising review: "Having journeyed from Delia to Nigel Slater, then Nigella, a bit of Jamie, Gordon and Michel Roux. I then visited Ottolenghi's restaurant and discovered how vegetables and salads can be the star of the show. I didn't choose this book, it was bought for me, but it has become my food bible, I can't imagine anything topping it. The photography is a delight, I love the seasonal aspect of it, I love the way that each seasonal section contains mostly veggie dishes but then ends with very special fish, poultry and meat dishes. But most of all I love the fact that nearly all of the recipes that I have tried (about one third of them so far) have been gobsmackingly delicious. At times while preparing dishes I've thought to myself, how is this going to come together? But almost without fail they do so in a glorious way. Thank you Diana Henry." – LOL2802

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    9. For when you want to slot veggie eating into a busy life: The Green Kitchen, Β£17

    Promising review: "I was looking forward to receiving the 4th book from the Green Kitchen duo and as usual it's packed with delicious recipes, beautiful photos as well as stories that give it a personal touch. As the only vegetarian in the house it's great to have a collection of quick and easy recipes to follow that don't need hard to find ingredients or hours slaving away in the kitchen. Can't wait to cook my way through it all!" – CC

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    10. For when you want to try a new way of cooking vegetables: Persiana, Β£11.99,

    Promising review: "What can I say, this book has some delicious recipes in it. And everyone we've cooked for falls in love with the tomato bulgur wheat. So easy to make and so tasty (and healthy)" – Mr Haan Man

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    11. For when you want to learn to cook from the masters: Mildred's: The Cookbook, Β£17, Instagram: @mildredsrestaurants

    Promising review: "It's an absolutely amazing book! So far we have made about 15 recipes from it and each one is absolutely mind-blowing. We've been cooking vegetarian for 15 years now and this book is now our favourite. What we love about it are these finished meals (i.e. main courses with well thought out side dishes, etc). Definitely worth the price." – Ania O

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    12. For when you want to be flexible with your meat-eating: The Part-Time Vegetarian, Β£16.59,

    Promising review: I love this recipe book! I've used it a couple of times for dinner parties and always get the most amazing compliments. The recipes are really easy to follow, and I love that you can add fish or meat to the dish, which means you can cater for everyone. My favourite dish is a variation of the Brazilian Curry, where you can add Prawns, served with black rice and Chickpea Dahl with spinach Tarka, which is so delicious! The Coconut and Kaffir lime broth with crab or sweet potato wontons is also amazing!" – Amazon Customer

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    13. For when you want to re-ignite your love of veg: Vegetables, Β£9.94

    Promising review: "Excellent cookbook. One of my faves. The recipes are not just vegetarian, they are also included within non vegetarian meals. My favourite is the meatballs and melanzone!" – Ms. S. Gillett

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    14. For when you want a change of focus: A Modern Way To Cook, Β£17,

    Promising review: "I've had this book for about a year and I love it. It's imaginative, easy to use and a down to earth, practical guide to making delicious vegetarian food. I bought it because I wanted to eat less meat but often got stuck trying to find satisfying and healthy vegetarian recipes that I could prepare reasonably quickly. This book totally solves that problem. It is a joy and an inspiration. Anna Jones's first book, 'A Modern Way to Eat' is also excellent." – Clara P

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    15. For when you want to have homemade hummus on tap: A Lebanese Feast, Β£11.89,

    Promising review: "I love this book. I am vegan and there is a Lebanese place that opened up down the road from me a couple months back. I became obsessed with the food and was spending a small fortune there every week. This book has the recipe for every single food I ordered – and what I am making tastes so much better. It's shockingly good. I make recipes from this cook book every weekend now for my lunches the following week. It's the best cookbook I've bought in a very long time." – C. Unger

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