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    This Guy Made Chicken Katsu Curry Out Of Only McDonald's Ingredients

    McKatsu curry.

    This is a McKatsu. It was created by Zef Cherry-Kynaston entirely from ingredients available at McDonald's.

    The meal cost £8.52 to put together.

    Tom Gaiger/ / Via

    Writing on his Tumblr, Cherry-Kynaston laid out the recipe:

    1 x Chicken Legend (No mayo). £3.29

    1 x Garden Side Salad. 99p

    5 x Hash Browns. £3.45

    1 x Carrot Sticks (Wasted purchase, already had carrot in the Garden Salad). 79p

    14 x Curry Sauce (Only needed about 6). FREE

    GRAND TOTAL: £8.52

    And the chopsticks? They're straws.

    The rice was especially tricky to create, Cherry-Kynaston told Metro.

    Tom Gaiger/ / Via

    "I tried chopping French fries up and squeezing out the potato then rolling it up to make rice granule shapes. Looked awful and I got about one grain of rice per chip. In the end it was the breakfast menu that saved it."