14 Marvellous Photos Of Carnaby Street In The '60s

    The iconic street celebrates 100 years of music this year.

    1. February 1964: Tailor John Stephen, with his Rolls Royce outside his shop.

    2. May 1964: A 'Mod' girl gets measured for a suit.

    3. December 1966: A shop assistant helps a customer in a fashion boutique.

    4. 14 October 1966: A young couple coming out of Mates boutique, which sells both men's and women's clothing.

    5. 12 May 1966: 'Living mannequins' in a shop window.

    6. 4th April 1966: Tom Jones has a fitting in Gear boutique.

    7. circa 1967: Two young women walk down the street.

    8. 1 August 1967: Two young men walk down Carnaby Street.

    9. December 1967: Christmas decorations on the street.

    10. 24th January 1967: Cat Stevens (later Yusuf Islam) leaps a bollard.

    11. 12 December 1967: A taxi offering free rides to Carnaby Street.

    12. 8 April 1968: A Triumph Spitfire GT6 parked outside Pop boutique.

    13. 7 January 1968: A boutique owner holds up Union Jack shirts.

    14. circa 1968: Pop singer Long John Baldry being fitted with a wig at the John Stephen wig centre.