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    Marty The Tiger Needed Root Canal Surgery And He Was So Brave


    Marty the Amur tiger needed to visit the dentist.

    Highland Wildlife Park

    But he was too big to go to a normal dentist.

    Highland Wildlife Park

    So, working together, the Highland Wildlife Park’s expert keepers as well as three veterinary staff, two animal dentists and a dental x-ray technician took care of him.

    Highlands Wildlife Park

    Once the procedure was carried out, they transported Marty on a stretcher back to his bedding area.

    Highland Wildlife Park

    And he's feeling great now, says Douglas Richardson, head of Living Collections for the Highland Wildlife Park. "Although normally a straightforward operation, performing any sort of medical procedure on an animal the size of Marty is a complex affair, requiring a lot of planning and coordination. The team were exceptional, working together to ensure the procedure went as smoothly as possible and I am very happy with the outcome.”

    Here are some of Marty's fighting fit peers chomping on dinner.

    Jeff J Mitchell/Staff / Via Getty Images

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