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15 Genius Make Up Tips For People Who Wear Glasses

Show 'em you've got specs appeal.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best make up tips for people who wear glasses. Here are the results!

1. Curl your lashes to make the most of your gorgeous eyes.

"CURL THOSE LASHES!!!! They won't scratch against your glasses and make the eyes just "pop"! – saltyandbright

2. Use a good under-eye concealer.

"Invest in a good under eye concealer, especially if your frames are dark. The reflection can make dark circles look worse." – mollyh31

3. Put setting powder on your nosepads.

"Setting powder, setting powder and more setting powder. Especially around areas where your glasses touch you skin. It prevents your foundation from rubbing off." – betha

4. Favour eyeliner over eyeshadow.

"I like to wear a bold or brightly colored eyeliner. You may not see my fancy eyeshadow because of my glasses, but the eyeliner always pops through!" – lexieq2

5. You can go bolder with eye make up than you'd expect.

"My biggest suggestion: go bolder on the eye makeup! I was so frustrated looking at pictures and trying different eye makeup things out, working so hard on them, then putting on my glasses and seeing it all disappear.

"You can go a lot bolder if you have glasses (particularly thick, plastic frames like myself) which is actually a blessing in its own way. Or if you want a more muted eye, go for a bold lip. I think there's something really striking about the split between dark frames and bright lips." – Molly Jane Sisson via Facebook

6. Keep an old pair of glasses if you can.

"When you get a new pair of glasses don't throw out your old ones. Gently loosen the lenses so you can pop them out and in again. Put the glasses on to do your eye make up, with one lens in at a time. It works best with plastic frames." –


7. Consider the colour of your frames before you buy.

"Make sure you don’t buy a color of glasses that will clash with lipstick. For years I had a gorgeous pair of bright red glasses, but unfortunately I couldn’t wear lipstick for the longest time because it would clash so badly (I look best in dark purples or wines). Now I’ve got a more neutral pair of glasses which means I can happily wear any and all lipsticks I want without worrying about clashing or matching." – gretcheno3

"If you can afford it, buy an extra pair of glasses (or two) that is in your fave palette color/ clothing color – have fun with this pair." Gina O'Toole via Facebook

8. Tighten your glasses frequently.

"GET YOUR GLASSES TIGHTENED REGULARLY. It'll stop them from sliding down your face and sliding your nose make up off completely" – tori

9. Don't forget to disinfect.

"Disinfect the parts of your glasses that contact your face or else lots of germs build up" – suzstone

10. Invest in a smudge-proof mascara.

"As someone who has been wearing glasses since the 4th grade, I thought no one cared about my eye makeup. I was wrong. Even though you think people can't see your eye makeup because of your glasses, they can!

"So go crazy and have fun with eyeshadow and eye liner. I find that I like my shadow looks if they compliment the color of my glasses. My glasses are gold and brown so I tend to do a lot of earth tones to compliment those colors! Also, I do recommend a smudge-proof mascara just in case you have long lashes so it doesn't rub off on your lenses." – jvmcbride4

11. Use a small hand mirror.

"When doing my makeup, I find it’s easier to remove my glasses and use a small hand mirror as opposed to trying to get close to a large mirror or doing your makeup with your glasses on. You can keep a good lighting and not risk getting as much makeup on your frames that way." – emilytheit

12. Choose your false eyelashes carefully.

"When I wear falsies, I go more for ones that are focused on volume rather than length so they aren't hitting my glasses constantly." – szelt

13. Reconsider lengthening mascara.

"If you're near-sighted or wear progressive lenses: non-lengthening, waterproof mascara. I use Maybelline's Full and Soft, but Benefit's Bad Gal worked for me too." – Danielle Martian via Facebook

14. Find a look that suits your glasses and your face.

"My glasses look like nerd glasses, not gonna lie. They aren't thick framed, so it's easier to see my eyes. I always do my eyebrows and thick eyeliner, maybe some sparkle on my lower lash.

"I also use a bright highlight (too faced is my favorite but ELF is close) and put it on my brow bone and inner corner to help draw attention to my eyes more. I also do a bright lip to help balance out everything. Overall, it's all trial and error to find what fits your glasses and face." – k46a0

15. And experiment with whatever looks you want!

"Honestly, I wear glasses pretty daily and sometimes, I like to go wild with my makeup to see if anyone notices! Keep it safe or don’t pull any stops, glasses don’t restrict you at all!" – chandinib

"Always curl your lashes. But even more important – just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean you can’t rock a bomb smoky eye with hella glitter and a dark lip." – ariellevictoriat

Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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