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    7 Products All Sweaty Girls Need This Summer

    Including an anti-chafe solution that actually works.

    My ideal summer sitch is sitting in the shade, sipping from a coconut. Instead, this is me on the train every morning ->


    So I've pulled together some handbag-friendly products that will help anyone who has to commute in hot weather. If I've left out your fave, let me know in the comments!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A hand fan for instant sweat relief.

    When the Central Line starts to become so humid that you can see condensation on the windows, whip out your pocket fan. I prefer hand ones, as you get a full waft of air – and the batteries are never going to run out. This one is £3.50, and light enough to store in a jacket pocket – but there are certainly fancier options out there if you want them.

    Get it on Amazon

    2. An anti-chafe cream for when your thighs start to rub.

    My office is divided on opinion when it comes to anti-chafe cream. I'm a huge fan of Bodyglide, £9.87 which comes in a handy tube like a deodorant. But others love Lush Silky Underwear, £5.95 which contains cocoa butter and smells like jasmine.

    If neither of those appeal, here are seven other options to stop uncomfortable sweat chafing.

    3. Some anti-shine blotting cushions to save dripping make up.

    Real Techniques

    I think these Real Techniques sponges are a better bet than blotting paper. They come in a pack of four, so you'll always have a clean one handy (plus they're easy to wash, like a regular blender). Use them to mop up grease, blur sweat-crinkled concealer and sort out shine.

    Buy them on Amazon, £8.99

    4. A water bottle to stay hydrated.

    Yes, I know it's obvious, but essential. Yes, I know you could probably refill a normal plastic bottle. BUT HERE WE ARE. This stainless steel bottle is on flash sale on Amazon, down to £9.99 from £35.

    If you carry a small handbag, like I do, I really like a cardboard carton. I've taken to using a cactus water carton, refilled with fresh water. The cactus water is really refreshing too, and not as sweet as coconut water.

    5. Stop sandals from hurting with bumper blister plasters.

    Hands up if you've realised, too late into your walk to the station, that your new block-heel slingback sandals are not made for walking more than a mile? If so, stock on these cushioned bad boys and sigh in relief.

    Buy them on Amazon, £4.

    6. An audiobook to stay-hands free when you're standing on the train.


    When your palms are sweaty and you're still 20 minutes away from your destination, you want to keep things as hands-free as poss. Why not try a new audiobook? This list of books that inspired your fave tv shows is a good place to start.

    7. A facial spray for dewy and refreshed skin.

    Every year I write about this refreshing spray, and every year I feel more passionate about it. Avene is the best value one I've found so far, and comes via a French pharmacy, so there are some ~ minerals~. Alternatively, Boots etc often have a buy one, get one half price, so keep an eye out IRL.

    If you can't get behind buying sprayable water, then pick up a perfume atomiser and fill it with water. An atomiser will give you a fine mist, and will also fit neatly into a bag.

    Buy the Avene spray on Amazon

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