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15 Last-Minute Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Out of time? We've got you covered.

1. A Beer Bods subscription.

2. Flowers through the the post.

Bloom and Wild

Interflora are reliable, not too expensive and do lovely blooms. They're also accepting orders online until 11am on Christmas Eve. The Christmas Bag is the cheapest option at £26, but I think the £30 Winter Perfect Gift is good value – you get the vase included.

If you want something a bit different, I'm a huge fan of Bloom and Wild. Their arrangements are packed to fit through a letterbox and start at £20. Order by 19 December for free Christmas delivery, and 22 December is their latest delivery date.

3. A book token.

Who doesn't love a book token? And for a small fee (£1.99) you can ~personalise~ it with a photo or text of your choice. Vouchers start at £5 and delivery is via Royal Mail. For the truly last-minute, they're running a post-Christmas delivery service. "A limited delivery service will be in operation in the week immediately after Christmas."

4. An Escape The Room challenge.


Most "Escape the Room" challenges will do you a group booking if you email them. My particular favourite is Time Run, but here's a list of some of the best ones all over the UK:

15 Fiendishly Tricky Escape-The-Room Games In Britain

5. A Tipsy Afternoon Tea.

6. A Gin Journey.

The Gin Journey is a specialised bar crawl, focusing on gin – and it runs in London, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Manchester. You get 5 cocktails for your ticket price (£52 per person, with slight variants), visit 5 different bars and try 5 different types of gin. AND they drive you around so you don't have to walk. Buy vouchers online here.

If you want something a little rarer, then Sipsmith is the right place for you. For £45, you can sign up to their Sipping Society, and receive four unique experimental gins (think: Mustard! Earl Grey! Hot Cross Bun) The gins come quarterly (every 3 months) and it's £45 a quarter.

7. A donation to a charity.


Women's and children's charity, Refuge, have an online gift list, with items starting from £5 for a pair of gloves. The gifts will go to a woman or child living in a Refuge house.

Oxfam are well known for their "unwrapped" gifts, which send an item to people in need (be it a goat, or money to fix a well). Some gifts are currently half-price, starting at £5 to donate to learning initiatives. You can send an e-card or receive a physical voucher to gift.

8. A coffee gift card.

Pact Cofee

Honestly, a Starbucks Gift Card is a nice little present. Order and send online.

If you'd rather go craft with your coffee, the lovely Pact do a £20.85 gift voucher, which will get you three bags of hand-roasted coffee.

9. Nail polish and a file.

Rachel W Miller/BuzzFeed

Rachel writes: "A new bottle of Essie is such a treat… and adding a glittery nail file (which you can find at drugstores this time of year for about £1 each) is a great way to make it feel a little more special. I also know that personally, I would really enjoy spending a half-hour in the nail polish aisle, trying to choose the perfect colour for each of my coworkers and debating which colour nail file looks best with each polish. (Is that… not everyone’s ideal Friday night?) These gifts end up being about £10 each, but you could easily buy cheaper nail polish to fit your budget."

10. A magazine subscription.

11. A London Tea Club subscription.

12. An Old Fashioned kit.

Laura Gallant/ BuzzFeed

This depends on the quality of your local supermarket, but if you can find whiskey (or bourbon), Angostura bitters, as well as an orange, and some brown sugar, then you've got all you need.

If you can't track down bitters, then add in some eggs and citrus (lemon or lime) and you've got a Whiskey Sour primer.

13. A mani-pedi voucher.


Beauty service Prettly means you can book a manicurist direct to your house! You can order an email gift card at any time, but £25 will get you a top-notch manicure.

If you're based outside of London, try a Treatwell voucher. Again, you can order a physical gift card, or an email one if you're in a hurry.

14. A Spotify Premium subscription.


You can buy these gift cards in-store at supermarkets, or online. If you're really stuck, you could also use your debit card to upgrade the giftee's account on the day. It's £10 a month.

If they're a Taylor Swift fan, then buy them an Apple Music subscription (£29.97 for three months). It's quite a good deal at the moment, as new members get the first three months for free anyway.

15. The Big Issue

The Big Issue

You can buy back issues on their website for £4, or take out a subscription (£32.50 for 13 issues) here.


A manicure from Prettly costs £25. A previous version of this article said it cost £20.

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