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    Jeans And Sheuxsss Is Your New Favourite Cringe Tumblr

    Awkward and amazing.

    Jeans and Sheuxsss is dedicated to the wearing of jeans, with shoes.

    Specifically, smart shoes and casual jeans.

    The creator of the Tumblr, who prefers to remain anonymous, told BuzzFeed. "As a concept, Jeans & Sheuxsss is simply capturing those moments where you see a terrible pair of jeans coupled with an equally naff pair of shoes."

    Like this.

    The description reads: "As you can see from the top photograph, when you pair some 36x36 loose fit jeans, light red socks and tan sheuxsss, the end result can be quite intimidating."

    Or this.

    The creator added, that the blog is "an appreciation of all the heads out there who do things a bit differently. London's becoming a very monochrome looking place so I feel some recognition should be given to those not featuring in the hip blogs and publications we're now accustomed to."

    The Tumblr has been around since 2012, tracking Jeans and Sheux from the UK and farther abroad. You can also follow the account on Twitter here.

    "Outstanding little number here. And before you ask, no the photograph did not pass through an Instragram filter. At J&S HQ we roll a strictly trend-free diet."