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    15 Photos That Will Be A Little Too Much For Tea Lovers

    Favourite dinosaur? The tea rex.

    1. This simple cuppa, made exactly as you like it.

    2. This elegant set-up, complete with rosebud tea.

    3. This soothing brew.

    4. This glorious bloom.

    5. This perfect serving for one.

    6. This piping hot beverage.

    7. This recipe for the perfect afternoon.

    8. This reviving green tea.

    9. This minimalist treat.

    10. This decadent pour.

    11. This dainty Earl Grey, milk on the side.

    12. This adorable slow brew.

    13. This rainy day perfection.

    14. This teatime feast.

    15. And this brew with a portable biscuit pocket.