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15 Things Insomniacs Are Tired Of Hearing

"Just relax." I AM RELAXED.

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1. "You look exhausted."

Monsters Inc

Maybe that's because I feel exhausted.

2. "Are you stressing out about anything at the moment?"

3. "Well, if you didn't sleep last night, you'll definitely sleep tonight." / Via Modern Family / ABC

That is not how it works.

4. "I slept realllyyy well last night."

How nice that must be for you.

5. "Maybe try not drinking caffeine."

6. "I never have any trouble sleeping." / Via Adventure Time/Cartoon Network

7. "Have you tried a herbal tea?" / Via E!/ Keeping Up With The Kardashians

8. "I've heard lavender is really helpful."

9. "Oh, I have insomnia too. I only slept for like, six hours last night." / Via The Hills / MTV

10. "You need to adjust your sleep routine." / Via NBC/ 30 Rock

11. "Just do some exercise to tire yourself out."

12. "Just get really drunk and you'll fall asleep".

13. "Have you tried this new app?" / Via Disney/Lilo and Stitch

14. "You just need to relax." / Via Disney/Peter Pan

15. "Well, some people just don't need that much sleep." / Via New Girl / FOX