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If You Weren't A '00s Girl, You Can't Name 7/10 Of These Things

The toughest quiz a 00s girl can take.

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  1. What is this tool called?

  2. What's the name of this perfume?

  3. What movie is this T-shirt from?

  4. What brand makes these lipglosses?

    Look Fantastic
  5. Name the three people in this photo, left to right.

    Getty Images
  6. Who is Marissa kissing?

    The CW
  7. Name the Black Eyed Peas member stood next to Fergie.

    Getty Images
  8. What is the name of Elle Woods' dog?

    Type A / MGM
  9. What dance routine does Jenna perform in 13 Going on 30?

  10. What is the first line of "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson?

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