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    I Tried Popular Pinterest Hacks To Become A Morning Person

    Will I go from night owl to early bird?

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    I just love to be cosy in bed.

    At the moment, my alarm goes off at 7.30am, and I snooze it until 8.15am – giving me 30 minutes to shower, get dressed and out of the house.

    I'd love to be able to get up just a little earlier – I'm writing a book at the moment, and would love to be able to do some work in the mornings. I'd also like to be psyched to go for a run before my day starts.

    So I tried a couple of the most popular "morning person" hacks on the internet, to see if any of them could work for me.

    1. Tackle my snooze problem head-on with an app.


    AlarmMon is an app that makes you play a game to shut off the alarm. The idea is that the mental stimulation will wake you up enough to get out of bed. I'm sorry to say that this was an absolute disaster.

    The UX of the app is awful – it took me several goes to set up the alarm the night before, and I kept clicking on pop-up ads accidentally. When my alarm went off at 7.30am, I got so befuddled that I played 2 seconds of the game before closing the app. I tried to update the alarm to go again in 15 minutes, but just kept opening tab after tab of spammy ads!

    The other annoying thing is that you have to make sure the app is open and running all night – it doesn't have permissions enabled to sync up with your regular alarm clock.

    Will I keep this habit up? Absolutely not.

    2. Lay your clothes out the night before.

    Laura Gallant/ BuzzFeed

    A large part of being a "morning person" involves being more organised the night before. I love choosing new outfits to try, but when I'm in a rush in the mornings I fall back on the same options. When the weather is hot, that means I end up wearing the same two sleeveless jumpsuits on repeat.

    I took some time one evening to try out some new ways of wearing these light pinstripe trousers from H&M – and settled on this cute "retired lady artist but make it fashion" look. It was really relaxing to hop in the shower in the morning and know exactly what I was going to wear.

    Will I keep this habit up? Yes!

    3. Try a sleep lamp to wake me up gradually so that when my alarm goes off, I'm less groggy.

    Ailbhe Malone/ BuzzFeed

    My friend and colleague Jasmin raves about her Lumin lamp but at £60, it's a little steep. I wanted to find an affordable dupe, that would still wake me up early.

    There were plenty of cheaper options on Amazon (under £19.99), but I went for a slightly more expensive lamp that had 81% five/four star reviews – the IREALIST, £30.

    It's stylish and easy to operate, and fits in nicely alongside my Muji diffuser. I've used it for a week straight, and the gradual sunrise has meant that while I'm still not super-keen to get up, I'm far less groggy.

    The only downside is that the radio antenna isn't great, so I use the pre-set sounds to wake up. If you want a radio to wake you up, it might be worth investing an a sunrise clock that has that as its focus.

    Will I keep this habit up? Yes!

    4. Make breakfast.

    5. Try getting up early at the weekend too.

    Ailbhe Malone/ BuzzFeed

    Getting up early in the morning at the weekends goes against all I believe in, but Morning People swear by it.

    However, I quickly learned that getting up early at the weekend doesn't mean that I have to be *productive*. On Saturday, I got up at my normal weekday time of 8am, and took some coffee back to bed to read the paper on my phone. I got dressed and went to get groceries at 10.30am, and by 11am I had bought the ingredients to try out a recipe from a new cookbook (Dining In by Alison Roman, so good!). On Sunday, I was a little hungover, but still got up at 9.30am to potter around the house. It was really great to have so much of the day stretching out ahead of me.

    Will I keep this habit up? Yeah, I'd like to!

    6. Drink water to feel more clear-headed.

    Ailbhe Malone/ BuzzFeed

    I have a water bottle next to my bed, but only use it to take a sip to wash down my daily medication – or if I wake up SUPER THIRSTY after a salty dinner. But my Morning Person research tells me that chugging some water in the mornings will help me wake up.

    I alternate between two water bottles – one is a Chilly's x Pret large insulated one, and the other is a Corkcicle that I got in TK Maxx. I like them both because they keep water cold overnight.

    So when my 2nd (ok, fine, 3rd alarm) went off at 7.50am, I drank the whole bottle, and sat up straight in bed. Drinking icy cold water certainly helped me wake up, and though I still dicked about on Instagram for 20 minutes, I was in work five minutes early.

    Will I keep this habit up? Yes!

    7. Exercise first thing.

    What did I learn?

    It's ambitious to try and make changes to your body clock – and what works for some people doesn't work for everyone.

    That said, I still learned some useful things – I've begun to build time into my mornings to allow me to do the things I enjoy. I set my alarm a little early so I can happily browse through Instagram with a cup of coffee, and I drink a load of water first thing to wake me up. I've claimed back some of my weekends, and am a total convert to the natural light alarm clock.