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    How To Get Through Your Work Day, As Told By "The IT Crowd"

    Moss, Jen and Roy are coming back for a finale, but in the meantime let them help with your 9-5.

    1. Work is repetitive, and dull, but with a little thought, it doesn't have to be.

    2. Personalize your space.

    3. A dance break will do wonders for your morale.

    4. Be focused. Don't let idle chit chat distract you.

    5. Accept that you won't get on with everyone.

    6. Know how to negotiate.

    7. Always strive for the superlative.

    8. Give praise where praise is due.

    9. When hosting events with colleagues, be prepared in advance.

    10. And always keep the conversation appropriate for the company present.

    11. Realize that sometimes an all-nighter is necessary.

    12. Remember it's important to bond with your co-workers.

    13. Show your support at company outings, even if inside you don't care.

    14. Try and make international guests feel welcome.

    15. And do your best to put them at ease.

    16. Include your team-mates in your interests.

    17. Remember that your supervisor might not understand your jargon.

    18. Treat expensive equipment with respect.

    19. Be open to new ways of thinking.

    20. Prioritize tasks for an efficient workflow.

    21. Adapt the truth when necessary.

    22. Be well aware of the sexual-harassment policy in the office.

    23. But don't be afraid to show appropriate warmth to close colleagues.

    24. Stay true to your core values.

    25. Mingle with other departments.

    26. Always adhere strictly to the company's dress code.

    27. Let your colleagues know what's happening in your private life.

    28. And let them see the real you.

    29. Remember that passion can often be confused with anger.

    30. Enforce the importance of up-to-date equipment upon management.

    31. And if all else fails...

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