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How To Do An Easy Red Lip That Will Last All Day

Lipstick is for life.

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First things first, pick your red.

Store assistants will know their products, and be able to recommend options to you, but the easiest way to see if a lipstick suits you is to hold it up against your skin, or just try it on.

Here, we can see that the first lipstick is too bright for Robyn's skin tone, but the second (Ruby Woo by MAC) is a perfect red.

Then assemble your tools.

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You will need:

A red lipstick. We're using Ruby Woo by MAC.

A lip liner. You want your lipliner to match your lipstick as closely as possible. We're using Cherry by MAC.

A lip brush is optional. You'll get a more precise shape with a brush, but you can just use the lipstick straight from the bullet if you'd rather.


Begin by filling in your lip line with the pencil. This will prevent the lipstick from bleeding.

Just follow the natural line of your lips. If you'd like to exaggerate certain features - like making a more defined Cupid's Bow - then you can do this now.


All make-up by Lucybloom Webb.