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How To Create The Perfect Zig-Zag Mani In 9 Easy GIFs

Nailed it.

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Ailbhe Malone / Via BuzzFeed

You will need:


A base colour, plus three other colours, and a glitter for accent (we chose a pink base, with blue, yellow and purple detailing).


A striper brush, or a thin, clean paintbrush. A cotton bud or a paintbrush dipped in acetone for corrections.

Begin by cleaning and buffing the nails, and applying a clear base coat.

1. Begin with two layers of your base colour. Allow to dry.

Ailbhe Malone/ BuzzFeed

2. Using a striper brush, carefully paint two upside-down triangles on the tip in your chosen colour.

Ailbhe Malone/ BuzzFeed

For a refresher on how to use striper brushes, click here. Do two coats of this, if you're using a light colour.

3. Watch this Vine for a more close-up view.

You could stop here if you like, and keep this as an accent nail with a top coat.

4. Allow to dry, and then use your next colour to fill in triangles from the cuticle with a striper brush - to about halfway up the nail.

So you'll have a little band of zig-zags in the middle.

5. Ideally you'll do two coats of this, so that the colour really pops. You can watch this Vine for a more close-up view.

You could also stop here, and finish with a top coat.

6. Once dried, it's time to fill in your final triangles, from the cuticle up.

Ailbhe Malone / Via BuzzFeed

7. Draw two small pointed triangles in your last colour. As shown in this close-up Vine.

8. If you're dextrous enough, it's really cute to finish with a glitter outline.

Ailbhe Malone / Via BuzzFeed

Follow the lines of each zig-zag with a glitter polish, using a striper brush.

9. Finish with a clear top coat, and enjoy your nails!

Ailbhe Malone / Via BuzzFeed
The Illustrated Nail / Via BuzzFeed