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How To Create The Perfect Valentine's Day Manicure In 13 Steps

Wear your heart on your hands.

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1. After applying a base coat paint all 10 nails with two coats of pale pink polish.

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We're starting with the lighter colour as the darker colours cover light polishes more effectively.


3. Take a sponge dipped in to the pastel yellow and apply to the cuticle end of the nail leaving about 3/4 nail pink.

The Illustrated Nail / Via

Be lighter with the sponging as you work your way down the nail so that the yellow fades in to the pink like a gradient.

4. Leave a gap of pink below the yellow and using another sponge dipped in pastel lilac apply to the tip of the nail.

The Illustrated Nail / Via

Make sure to be lighter with the sponging to fade the purple in to the pink.


12. Using either a white nail art pen or the white striping brush create a curved v shape in the center of the cuticle end of the nail forming your heart shape.

The Illustrated Nail / Via

If you make a mistake clean it up with a brush dipped in nail polish remover or Leighton Denny's Precision Corrector and mini brush. This is particularly useful for tidying up the point of the heart so it is clean and crisp. Just make sure to touch the mistake lightly with the corrector brush so as not to remove the colour gradient underneath.

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