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    How To Create The Perfect Floral Mani In 9 Easy GIFs

    So gorgeous.

    You will need:


    A base colour, plus five other colours (we chose a blue base, with a navy background, and used red, yellow, green and white nail pens.)

    Equipment: A cotton bud or a paintbrush dipped in acetone for corrections. A striper brush, or a thin, clean paintbrush (you can use these instead of nail art pens).

    Begin by cleaning and buffing the nails, and applying a clear base coat.

    1. Begin by applying two coats of your base colour.

    2. Next, create the background by painting a thin stripe down the middle of the nail.

    3. Next, use a nail art pen to form small oval blobs - these are the petals.

    You could also use a striper brush - and a steady hand - for this.

    4. We chose to do three flowers on each nail, but this would look just as pretty with one - or as an accent nail.

    5. Draw stems on the flowers using a nail art pen.

    6. Continue to add more flowers using your other two pens. However, it looks just as pretty with only one type of flower.

    7. Dab a yellow spot in the middle of each flower to represent the pollen.

    8. Allow to dry, and finish with a clear top coat.

    9. Enjoy your floral nails!

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