How To Do A Five Minute Cat Eye

Check those peepers.

2. First, you need to gather your materials.

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You will need:

1. A black kohl pencil (we’re using Smolder by MAC) and a black gel liner (we’re using Blacktrack by MAC). You could also use a liquid liner, but we’ll be focusing on gel and brush in this tutorial.

2. An angled brush. We’re using a MAC number 266 brush.

3. Put on mascara as usual. Next, draw a rough line in kohl along the lash line.

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4. It doesn’t have to be neat, as you’ll be going over it with your liquid liner.

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This kohl base means that you’ll have a seamless lash line. You could pull your eyelid up (like in this GIF) to make it easier.

5. Load your brush with product.

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A handy trick is to flip the brush forwards and backwards in the liner - this will keep your brush flat, allowing you to draw crisp lines.

6. To find the angle for your flick, follow your bottom lash line as if it were to continue to your brow bone.

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7. Then draw a line along that angle. All you really need to do is hold the brush straight and push it out.

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8. Go to the edge of the flick, and pull it back in along the lash line.

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Then use the excess on your brush to fill in any gaps in the kohl outline.

9. If you make any mistakes, just fix with a cotton bud as you go. There’s no need to start again.

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Here is a handy tip: If you have trouble getting the flick on both eyes even, place a mirror on the table and look down as you fill them in. Remember not to pull on your eyelid as you’re filling in the flick, as you’ll change the shape of your eyelid and make it harder to get the sides to match up.

10. Enjoy your feline flicks!

Emma-Jane Lewis / Via
Ailbhe Malone/ BuzzFeed

All make-up by Lucybloom Webb.

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