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21 Hospital Foods From Around The World

Travel the world, through your lunch tray.

1. California, USA.

2. Sydney, Australia.

3. Poland.

4. Richmond, Canada.

5. Huddinge, Sweden.

6. Massachusetts, USA.

7. Seoul, South Korea.

8. Malvern, Australia.

9. Japan.

10. Dubai, UAE.

11. Penang, Malaysia.

On the left, stir-fried turmeric chicken slices with rice and vegetables, soup, and an apple. And on the right, roast chicken with cauliflower, broccoli and mashed potatoes, and spinach soup.

12. Paris, France.

13. Malaysia.

14. Chennai, India.

Curry selection and chapati (left). And a Chinese selection (right).

15. Britain.

16. Norway.

17. Johannesburg, South Africa.

18. Tokyo, Japan.

19. Germany.

20. Jakarta, Indonesia.

21. New York, USA.

Descriptions of some of the dishes have been updated, thanks to help from the comments.