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    19 Secret Ways To Stash Your Booze

    Booze on the move.

    1. This tropical beauty.

    2. This mountain landscape.

    3. This polyjuice holder.

    4. This elegant whale.

    5. These beautiful birds.

    6. This one is perfect for caped crusaders.

    7. This sexy option.

    8. Or this silly one.

    9. This flask with built-in shot glass.

    10. This neat owl.

    11. This glitter unicorn bonanza.

    12. This party-starting pachyderm.

    13. This nautical number.

    14. This truly elegant flask, for grown-up boozing.

    15. This Totoro cutie.

    16. For an artlover.

    17. For an adventurer.

    18. For a thirsty snapper.

    19. And, for Ron Swanson, this personalised cigar holder and hip flask.