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    Everything You Need To Know About The Sweetest Bakery In London

    Sugar and egg whites, and all things nice.

    Rebecca Hendin/BuzzFeed

    So, meringues are 100% the prettiest way to eat sugar.

    Laura Gallant/BuzzFeed

    And the Meringue Girls are 100% geniuses when it comes to baking.

    Meringue Girls

    “MGs stands for girl power and creativity,” they explain. “Both trained chefs, we met in a hot sweaty restaurant kitchen, and schemed ways of starting up our own food business – we both have a real entrepreneurial spirit. We wanted to nail a niche – so focused on taking meringues to the absolute limit."

    They're responsible for these GIN AND TONIC MERINGUE KISSES, for instance.

    And this gorgeous creation.

    So of course, BuzzFeed Life visited the Meringue Girls' East London bakery for their tips on cooking everything sweet.

    Meringue Girls

    We teamed up to get tips on making the perfect meringue, plus three incredible dessert recipes that you can easily replicate in your own kitchen.

    1. So, you can now tackle this recipe for perfect meringues that look like cute lil floating icebergs.

    Rebecca Hendin/Laura Gallant/BuzzFeed

    The ultimate hot chocolate, to warm your icy heart. Recipe and step-by-step photos here.

    2. And if you're still in search of even more chocolate after that, how about an oozing chocolate cheese toastie?

    Rebecca Hendin/Laura Gallant/BuzzFeed

    Glorious, gooey, chocolate heaven. Recipe and step-by-step photos here.

    3. Or these crunchy, popcorn-adorned honeycomb bars?

    Rebecca Hendin/Laura Gallant/BuzzFeed

    Crunch while you munch with these honeycomb delights. Recipe and step-by-step photos here.

    For even more sweet recipes, check out Everything Sweet by Alex Hoffler and Stacey O’Gorman, available now.

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