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    19 Hairstyles Every '00s Girl Dreamed Of Having

    Side-sweeping fringe please.

    1. Beachy waves.

    2. A bob.

    3. Or a Pob.

    4. Weirdly defined curls.

    5. The Halle Berry crop.

    6. A Fauxhawk.

    7. Dip-dyed (or hair mascara-ed) hair.

    8. Really obvious hair extensions.

    9. High pony with side-sweeping fringe.

    10. Long layers and side-sweeping fringe.

    11. Mini mohawk/ mullet combo.

    12. A Mini-quiff.

    13. Poker-straight hair.

    14. Ashy blonde highlights.

    15. Hair that was only curled at the bottom.

    16. A thick choppy fringe.

    17. Hair tied up with two 'face framing' bits on the side.

    18. Random bleached sections.

    19. The Dido.