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    19 Simple Necklaces Every Minimalist Needs

    Pull shapes.

    1. A dainty lil hexagon.

    2. A triangle with a pop of pink.

    3. This textured spinning treat.

    4. A simple silver ring.

    5. A delicate golden square.

    6. This sterling silver beauty.

    7. Rose quartz + clean lines = dreamy.

    8. Wear this simple diamond shape on top of all black everything.

    9. Add a wedge of black marble for impact.

    10. Not an isolated isosceles.

    11. A perfect pyramid.

    12. Three small silver circles.

    13. Or three tiny triangles.

    14. A teeny tiny cube.

    15. This lush honeycomb is good enough to eat.

    16. This textured pentagon.

    17. This beautiful brass rhombus.

    18. This copper and leather creation.

    19. This miniature dodecahedron.