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Forgotten '90s Boy Bands: Where Are They Now?

BBMak, won't you come back?

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1. BBMak


Best known for: "Back Here".

Basically: Harmonies and guitars (and bagpipes, and the hurdy gurdy).

What they're doing now: Mark Barry (middle) is now a personal trainer in Bolton, as well as writing with his current band. Christian Burns (left) has worked with Tiesto and Benny Benassi, and Stephen McNally (right) was last seen guesting on 'All This I Know' - featured on the album 'Clubland Xtreme Hardcore 7'.

2. Ultra


Best known for: "Say It Once".

Basically: They played their own instruments, even while on a boat.

What they're doing now: James Hearn (second from the left) briefly worked as a property developer in Slough, until Ultra reunited in 2005 with a new album, The Sun Shines Brighter. Hearn then joined Ultra bandmates Jon O'Mahony (right) and Nick Keynes (second right) to found Goldust, a production company which has worked with Natasha Bedingfield, Liberty X and, eh, Ultra. O'Mahony has since left to form Oceania, an artist management company.

3. Damage


Best known for: "Wonderful Tonight".

Basically: A proto-JLS.

What they're doing now: Jade Jones (left) has two children with Spice Girl Emma Bunton, and has retrained as a chef. In 2011, Andrez Harriott (second right) graduated with a First in Criminology and Sociology from London Southbank University. Coree Richards (second right) is working on an upcoming album.

4. Another Level


Best known for: "Freak Me".

Basically: They wanted to "lick you up and down" til you said stop. Or reported them to the police, whichever came first.

What they're doing now : Dane Bowers (second right) featured on Totally Boyband in 2006, in which five ex-boyband members tried to form a new group. Calling themselves Upper Street, their single reached number 35 and the group split up shortly after. Bobak Kianoush (second left) lives in L.A. and runs a management company. Mark Baron (right) is married to Alan Sugar's daughter Louise, and Wayne Williams (left) continues to release music.


5. A1


Best known for: "Take On Me".

Basically: Er, one of them was Norwegian?

What they're doing now: A1 reformed in 2010, and in February 2012, the group performed at the Singapore Indoor Stadium with Blue and Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees. Former member Paul Marazzi (left) is currently touring It's A Disco Night in the UK.

6. Northern Line


Best known for: "Love On The Northern Line".

Basically: Named after the actual Northern Line, then wrote a song about finding love on the tube.

What they're doing now: Zak (aka 'Ziggy') Lichman was a contestant on Series 8 of Big Brother. He now manages actor Lucien Laviscount. Dan Corsi splits his time between modelling and DJ-ing. Adam Love works as session singer.

7. Point Break


Best known for: "You".

Basically: Two-thirds of the group had acted in Byker Grove.

Where are they now?: David 'Ollie' Oliver (centre) played in Freefaller until the group split up in 2005. Declan Bennett (right) is the lead in the UK premiere of 'Once' in the West End. Brett Adams (left) works as a duty manager at Lakeside Bowling Alley in Weymouth, UK.

8. MN8


Best known for: "I've Got A Little Something For You".

Basically: Ahead-of-their-time R'nB.

What they're doing now: Lead singer KG (top left) is living in Australia and still making music. Dee-Tails (bottom left) is working as an actor. G-Man (top right) and T (bottom left) are still making music.


9. North And South


Best known for: "No Sweat".

Basically: Like S Club 7, they starred in a TV show about a boyband, while also being a band IRL.

Where are they now? James Hurst (right) runs 'ethical record label', River Rat Records. Sam Chapman (left) is a music teacher at a college in Lincolnshire. Tom Lowe (second right) is the host of Real Life: The Musical which is shown on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Lee Otter

(second left) changed his name to Lee West, and continues to work on his music.

11. Bad Boys Inc


Best known for: "Don't Talk About Love".

Basically Song titles that read like Hallmark cards. And for looking like the least bad boys ever.

Where are they now?: Ally Begg (left) is a sports producer for ESPN in Singapore. David Ross (second left) is a screenwriter, and lives in L.A. Tony Dowding (second right) works as a model . Matthew Pateman is a member of 'party band' Madhen Productions.