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15 Sparkly, Festive And Extra AF Nail Art Designs

Nails that would make Elsa jealous AF.

3. A classy and glossy red, because there's enough sparkle in the season.

Instagram: @mismeg58

5. Nails that would make Elsa jealous AF.

Instagram: @char

7. The only Christmas lights that won't tangle.

Instagram: @rachelblenk

8. Candycanes and gingerbread for days.

Instagram: @sandeee_cheeks

9. A snowman that will never melt.

Instagram: @eniac0710

11. A festive twist of fir and fire.

Instagram: @emmaloucreates

12. A perfect mixture of old school red and modern sparkle.

Instagram: @shay_beautifulone

13. Why make a gingerbread house when you can paint one on your nails?

Instagram: @itsinstabunny

14. A starry design to follow in the night.

Instagram: @nails_by_sian

15. A glitzy red design, with a lil' of the Big Man.

Instagram: @_jini_c
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