29 Examples Of Marvellously Geeky Nail Art

Simply wonderful.

1. House of Stark - A Song Of Ice And Fire.

dahlek / Via reddit.com

5. Totoro.

levb1 / Via reddit.com

6. The Legend of Zelda.

Ssssserpentine / Via reddit.com

7. Adventure Time.

atrobro / Via reddit.com

8. Magic: The Gathering.

Shortcandy / Via reddit.com

9. Monsters Inc.

ellenad / Via reddit.com

11. Pokémon.

BombDaBananas / Via reddit.com

12. LEGO.

beatlecreedcabaret / Via reddit.com

13. Community.

sifsete / Via reddit.com

14. Adventure Time.

Squid-Poots / Via reddit.com

15. Pokémon.

sneezing_panda_ / Via reddit.com

16. The Eye of Sauron (Lord Of The Rings).

17. Rubik’s Cube- inspired.

xwikkiex / Via reddit.com

19. The Incredible Hulk.

28. The Periodic Table.


+ a bonus point if you recognise that they’re the ten most common elements in the human body.

29. Doctor Who.

Kayleigh O’Connor / Via popstyle.ew.com

This image has disappeared for some reason. I swore I saw something.

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