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    Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over This London Café’s Insane Milkshakes

    Freakshakes hit London.

    You've probably heard about Australia's milkshakes.

    "A 24-hour flight? Worth it", you may have reasoned.

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    Well, put your passport away. You're in luck.

    Freakshakes have come to London, courtesy of Molly Bakes Café.

    Molly Bakes

    "We started making them because last year when I saw them on Instagram I wanted to get on a plane to Australia but didn't fancy the 24-hour flight for a milkshake!" Maria from Molly Bakes says.

    "So I bought a machine and decided to make my own – we'd also just found the premises for our first shop so it seemed the logical thing to do!"

    Dalston-based Molly Bakes dishes up dreamy shakes.

    Molly Bakes

    Like this caramel one, which has a brownie on top.

    The shakes cost £7 each.

    Molly Bakes

    Like this chocolate one, which I must have immediately, at all costs.

    The shakes have been incredibly popular.

    Molly Bakes

    When the freakshakes launched in January this year, there was a two-hour queue outside the shop.

    "They are suuuper popular, we can sell up to 120 per day," Maria says.

    The shakes are made using local produce.

    If you're not into shakes, don't worry – they serve up other sweet treats too.

    Like this Ferrero Rocher cake.

    And they stay open until 10pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So what are you waiting for?

    Find out more about Molly Bakes here.


    This piece has been updated to clarify that Molly's Bakes is open late on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.