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    15 Things People Who Haven't Dated A Hufflepuff Won't Get

    Common room right next to the kitchens = amazing drunk food.

    1. They're so pleasant and patient that you're often late.

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    "I'm really glad you stayed to chat to the ticketmaster at the station, but we have now missed our train."

    2. Sometimes, their loyalty can be a bit much.

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    "Yes I know we promised we'd go to Sally's party but I just want to stay in."

    "No I don't think it would be disloyal to cancel."

    "FINE YOU GO."

    3. But then it's really attractive when they defend what they believe in.

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    Whether that's the rights of bees, or your side order of spinach with your pancakes.

    4. The fridge is full of their herbology "creations".

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    Just don't ask them to make you a green juice.

    5. Their decor leaves a bit to be desired.

    They keep trying to make their flat more like the common room. They have a Pinterest board called "low ceilings and earthy".

    6. And they're a little too fond of the house colours.


    7. But you'll never lose anything ever again.

    Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders.

    8. They're amazing at making drunk food.

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    Common room right next to the kitchens = free cookery lessons. Also house founder Helga Hufflepuff was famous for her food-related charms.

    9. They're really good at IKEA trips.

    1. They're patient.

    2. They love snacks (so you'd stop for meatballs often).

    3. Did I mention "patient"?

    4. They value hard work – so they'd build the Billy bookcase when you get home.

    10. They're so inclusive.

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    If you live together, you'll be used to frequent guests, and it's not unusual for them to bring someone along on your cinema dates. "James said he wanted to see this film too!"

    11. Sometimes, they're a bit too humble.

    You: "OMFG YOU GOT A 20% RAISE"

    Them: "oh yes I think everyone got one"

    12. But they're a lifesaver at family events.

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    Lots of experience with the Fat Friar means that they are super tactful. And of course they're really polite and they'll eat practically anything.

    13. And you now know an awful lot about badgers.

    Such as: A badger can run up to 30 km/h!

    14. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Hufflepuffs are easy on the eyes.

    Warner Bros

    Oh hiya Tonks.

    15. Seriously.

    Warner Bros

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