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    17 Products That Prove Eleven Is The Queen Of "Stranger Things"

    On a scale from 1-10, you're an 11.

    1. This kick-ass pin.

    2. These proud patches.

    3. This giant compliment.

    4. This neat embroidered t-shirt.

    5. This striking portrait.

    6. This crucial statement.

    7. This waffle necklace, obv.

    8. The sweetest statement.

    9. This intense mug.

    10. These must-have pencils.

    11. This beautiful print.

    12. This adorable figurine.

    13. This big little word.

    14. These awesome earrings.

    15. This poignant necklace.

    16. This pretty good pin.

    17. This perfect print.

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