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21 Of The Most Delicious Cheap Eats In London

Cheap eats.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their favourite meal in London for under £10. Here’s what they said:

1. A sourdough pizza at Franco Manca

Where: There are several locations, including Chiswick, Tottenham Court Road, Balham, Southfields, and the original Brixton venue.

Cost: Pizzas start at £4.50

"Chorizo pizza ft. THE best sourdough crust you will ever taste" – Little Miss Katy on Facebook

2. A salt beef bagel from Beigel Bake

Where: Brick Lane

Cost: £3.50

"It's got to be a salt beef bagel (beigel) with mustard and dill pickle from Beigel Bake on Brick Lane. About £3.50 last time I checked. Astounding" – Neil Walker on Facebook

3. A slow-roast lamb sandwich from Sticky Beaks

Where: Various food markets around London. Follow them on Twitter to find out more.

Cost: £6.

"Sticky Beaks' slow-roast lamb sarnie for £6 – at a few markets around London. Delicious!" – Laura Baldock on Facebook

4. A doughnut from Bread Ahead

Where: Borough Market

Cost: £2.50 for one

"They're massive and jampacked with flavours" – Jessica Shum on Facebook

5. Bao from the Bao Bar

Where: Netil Market

Cost: £3.50 per bun

Suggested by Alyssa Adina-Lori James on Facebook

6. A rib meat roll from The Rib Man

Where: Brick Lane, and West Ham every so often.

Cost: From £7

"The Rib Man in Brick Lane – amazing pork rib meat, a portion the size of your head in a bap for about £6.50." – Sarah Mann on Facebook

7. A shawarma from Cafe Helen

Where: Edgware Road

Cost: £4

"£4 for the best shawarma in London" – Akbar Lutfullah on Facebook

8. A lunch special at Tokyo Diner

Where: Chinatown

Cost: From £6.50

"They have both meat/veggie and generally include rice/noodles, miso soup and a side. Prices are £6.50–£11.50 and a pound cheaper from 3pm to 6pm during their quietest hours ... The food is extremely authentically Japanese – all the employees are Japanese and many have worked there for quite some time, meaning a good level professionalism and understanding of their work. I could not recommend this place enough just in general as the food there is always top quality and an extremely reasonable price!" – Jasmine Peen on Facebook

9. A burger from Haché

Where: There are locations in Camden, Chelsea, Clapham, Shoreditch, and Balham.

Cost: From £7.50

"Specifically the Sunday Roast Burger. It's £9.95 and only available on Sundays, but perfect Sunday hangover food, when you can't decide if you want a burger or Sunday roast! Beefburger soaked in jus with dauphinoise potato, crispy parsnip, and carrot sandwiched between two Yorkshire puddings... #SundayHeaven" – Debbie Walpole on Facebook

10. Rare beef pho from Mien Tay

Where: Battersea and Shoreditch

Cost: From £7.50

"The best pho in London. Push the boat out and get the salt and pepper prawns for starters as well, but only if you are willing to return once a week minimum until the end of time because you will NEVER stop craving them." – Alice Chadfield on Facebook

11. Lunch special at Sagar

Where: Covent Garden, Hammersmith, or Tottenham Court Road

Cost: From £3.50

"South Indian vegetarian food – you get poppas, vegetable curry, pilau rice, sambar, AND dessert for less than a tenner." – Helen Parkin on Facebook

12. A slice from HomeSlice

Where: Covent Garden

Cost: From £4

"HUGE pizza slices for £4!" – Emma Cooke on Facebook

Also, a worthy shout-out to Iccos pizza from pippac43bea0b76.

13. A chicken bokit from Bokit'La

Where: Various markets around London. Find out more here.

Cost: £5

"A chicken bokit (sauce spice number 3…sometimes 4 when I'm feeling adventurous) from the gorgeous guys at Bokit'La – they can be found every Sunday at Ally Pally Farmers' Market." – lecw42

14. A mixed box from Kim's Vietnamese Hut

Where: Camden Market

Cost: £5

"A box containing fried vegetables, Singapore noodles, breaded chicken breast, and battered king prawns with plum sauce – it's £5, and it's amazing." – Michael Beddoes on Facebook

15. The Hog from Slow Richie's

Where: Tottenham Court Road

Cost: £6.50

"Seriously incredible, and I am not the greatest fan of pork but now order it every time I go!" – Paul Clarke on Facebook

16. A Reuben special from Monty's Deli

Where: Maltby Street Market

Cost: £9

Suggested by hollyb4d4acb715

17. A hot dog from Herman ze German

Where: Charing Cross, Fitzrovia, Soho

Cost: From £4.45

"Currywurst from Herman ze German! So good" – poorvap

18. Stewed beef daoxiao noodles from Lanzhou Noodle Bar

Where: Chinatown

Cost: £6.50

"Stewed beef daoxiao noodles at Noodle Bar on Cranbourn Street. Hands down." – haiyuey

19. A lobster roll from Smack Deli

Where: Mayfair

Cost: From £7.50

"Get a slice of luxury in the form of a lobster roll for £7. I recommend the Seven Samurai" – diansaurous

20. A mothership from Pieminister

Where: Several locations including Farringdon and the South Bank

Cost: From £6

"Pie (ideally chicken of aragon), mash, peas, gravy, and crispy onion bits, all for like, six quid or something. Well worth facing the judgement of people who then see you eating it on the train home from London Bridge. ALL THE NOM." – Dolly Rotten on Facebook

21. Pretty much anything from Silk Road

Where: Camberwell

Cost: £9

"Middle Plate Chicken (feeds 2–3 greedy-guts) at Silk Road in Camberwell for £9! And pretty much everything else in this restaurant... All cheap and all amazing!!!!" – Katie Rich on Facebook

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