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    15 Totally Do-Able Meal Prepping Tips To Try Out This Week

    Prep ingredients not meals.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for their meal prep tips. Here are some of the best responses.

    1. Plan your fridge and freezer storage ahead of cooking.

    2. Balance your flavours throughout the week.

    "Flavor-wise, I balance whatever I cooked on Sunday with the thing I cook later in the week. i.e. if I do an Italian thing Sunday I'll make sure to do a curry or salad later in the week, and vice versa." –  opalescenttreeshark

    3. Make a note of successful dishes.

    4. Defrost meals a day at a time to stop them going bad.

    "I only keep the first days food in the fridge, and I freeze the rest of my meals, to keep them fresh (4 day old food in the fridge is nasty). Just stay away from things that don't defrost or reheat well like pasta with creamy sauces." –  roo95

    5. And embrace batch cooking.

    6. Get a slow cooker.

    "You can make so many delicious meals without the stress of having to spend hours in the kitchen. Just pop all your ingredients in, go to work/school/take a nap, and it'll take care of the rest!" – roo95

    7. Remove excess packaging.

    8. Take your time.

    "Don’t feel like you have to do all of your cooking in one day. Chop produce and measure out seasonings the day before and then cook the dishes the next day. It cuts down a lot on cook time, especially for new recipes." –  carolynf

    9. Cut yourself some slack.

    10. Prep ingredients not meals.

    "This way you don't have to eat the same meal every day, which I personally get sick of real quick, but can create several different food combinations with the same ingredients. Roasted veggies, grains and chicken for example are a great meal on their on but prep some other veggies as well and make yourself a bowl or salad." – lisamarii

    11. A little effort goes a long way.

    12. Make meal prep fit into *your* routine.

    "My boyfriend bought me a dinner planner, so I sit down and plan what I'm going to cook for the week based on how much time I'll have that day, and how big of a lunch I'm going to want the day after. " – Casey Hansen via Facebook

    13. And a daily splurge can help break up the monotony.

    14. Make an effort with presentation.

    "Plate your dishes to look pretty like a restaurant, then it doesn’t feel as humdrum!" – perplexis

    15. If a routine isn't working for you, you can adapt it.

    Some responses have been edited for length.

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