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21 Reasons Dry Shampoo Is The Greatest Invention Of The Past Millennium

Wet shampoo is for suckers.

1. Dry shampoo is so much more than the lazy girl's BFF.


2. It's a blonde-root disguiser.

3. A volume booster.

RuPaul's Drag Race / Via

4. A shower in a can.

Glee / FOX

5. Basically all your hopes and dreams come true.

6. You may remember the first glorious day you tried dry shampoo.

"Wait, my hair is clean again? And somehow has loads more volume? OMFG."

7. And the first time someone showed you how to spray hidden sections so that you didn't just have a white scalp.

The Ellen Show / Via

8. Which might have taken a few goes to get right.

9. But y'know, #grannyhair is hot right now.

10. Obvi you have your fave fragrance.

11. Maybe you've even tried to make your own at home.

12. Who amongst us has not substituted talc for dry shampoo in a pinch?

13. You incorporate your fave into everyday chores.

Just discovered an amaze life hack: dry shampoo makes dirty clothes smell clean

14. And see opportunities where others might not.

the most magical thing about game of thrones is whatever dry shampoo jon snow is using can I get a hell yeah

15. You're aware of the itchiness that comes from too much at once.

(Or maybe just enough?)

16. And you judge others for using a weaker strain.

You're only as strong as the dry shampoo you use.

17. Sometimes, those closest to you don't understand your passion.

When my friends hate on my dry shampoo habits

18. But when the time comes, you'll remember who your real friends are.

If I ever give an acceptance speech I'll be thanking dry shampoo.

19. Dry shampoo is there for you on your worst days.

The fact that I smell overwhelmingly like dry shampoo should give you an idea as to where my life is at

20. And your best days.

I know I have sang its praises before, but dry shampoo has really changed by life #blessed

21. And you will defend it til the end

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