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    Posted on Apr 4, 2016

    15 Insanely Delicious Places To Eat Doughnuts

    Go nuts for doughnuts!

    1. Bread Ahead

    Bread Ahead

    Borough Market's Bread Ahead is where doughnut dreams are made. Swing by and pick up a bite, then wash it down with a cup of Monmouth coffee from the café around the corner. Suddenly, the world is a brighter, warmer place.

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    2. Cookies and Scream

    3. Crosstown


    Sourdough doughnuts with inventive flavours served in Soho? Sign me up. If the sight of this seven berry glazed sourdough ring doesn't have you drooling yet, then you should try their Creme Brulee doughnut. Or buy a box online.

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    4. St John

    St John

    Fluffy, soft and oozing with dreamy fillings, St John's doughnuts are never equalled. The ones in the above photo are marmalade, apple, and vanilla custard. Not all together, but I bet that would taste damn good too. You can pick them up from the bakery at Maltby St Market, but they also supply other stores too – like Harringay Local Store.

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    5. BIRD


    BIRD has three North London locations – Shoreditch, Holloway Road and Camden – and they all serve freshly made doughnuts from hatch. If you prefer to eat in, then pick up an ice cream doughnut sandwich. There are two daily glazes, and a whole load of whipped cream.

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    6. Rinkoff Bakery

    7. Dum Dum Donutterie

    8. You Doughnut

    You Doughnut

    I'm obsessed with You Doughnut's bitesize treats. You get a pot of mini doughnuts, plus all the toppings you heart desires. In the case of the above, that's vanilla sugar, lemon curd sauce, oat crumb and mini marshmallows. Keep an eye on their site for where they're currently trading.

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    9. Bea's of Bloomsbury

    Bea's of Bloomsbury

    Over the doughnut (how dare you)? Tired of the muffin (you animal)? Well then, try the duffin. Bea's have blended a doughnut and a muffin to make a surprisingly light and moist delight. There are three central London locations, and jam's the best flavour, in my opinion.

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    10. The Hole

    Clapton is home to the sweet and perfectly formed Hole, which dishes up sweet AND savoury donuts. That means you can have donuts for every course of your meal, which is the ultimate dream.

    Find them on Facebook here.

    11. Duck & Waffle

    12. Vicky's Donuts

    Vicky's Donuts

    Small scale donutterie Vicky's Donuts trades at Chatsworth Road in East London, and also sells doughnuts online. The only problem? They're so pretty that you won't be able to bear to eat them.

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    13. Cocomaya

    Facebook: 152972371405593

    Feeling like a fancy treat? Then head to Mayfair's Cocomaya. Their cronuts are pretty as a picture (and their other baked goods are just asnice).

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    14. Flesh and Buns

    Flesh and Buns

    Swing by this cool Izakaya joint and round off your meal with some dreamy Kinako doughnuts, with black sugar custard. And then stay and have a couple more, just to be sure.

    Follow them on Instagram here.

    15. 12345


    Head to East London's Columbia road, and gorge yourself on these gorge doughnuts. I'm just going to list some of what we see in this picture, and leave you to it:

    Vanilla, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Lemon Curd, Espresso, Berry Jam. Amazing.

    Follow them on Twitter here.

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