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15 Gadgets That Will Low-Key Change Your Life

You never knew you needed them, til now.

Sian Butcher/ BuzzFeed

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about products that have changed their life. Here are their responses.

1. Ease and soothe chronic pain with a Tens machine.

"My chronic pain is sometimes in my whole body and for that my Tens machine and electric blanket are real lifesavers. If my body is in too much pain I can lie on the heated blanket and get a lot of relief. The Tens is especially good for knee, back, menstrual, and hip pain." –jennyb27

"Tens machine, helps with period pain significantly." –naligirl

You can buy this model on sale at Amazon, £25.97 (that's half-price).

2. Ditch annoying cables and let the light of wireless headphones into your life.

"Two words: Wireless. Headphones. I was hesitant to give them a shot at first, but then I found a decently priced pair and went for it. Now i don't know how I ever got along without them. Running with them is better. Listening to music while I'm doing chores is easier." –Camille Jet-Lynx Udunno via Facebook

These wireless Bluetooth headphones are currently on discount on Amazon, £16.99.

3. Or sink into surround-sound bliss with noise-cancelling headphones.

"Bose noise-cancelling headphones. Spendy, but a must for noisy office environments, studying, and travel. Mine are seven years old and going strong." –Mary Chamberlin via Facebook

These Bose headphones are both wireless and noise-cancelling, £199.95 on Amazon.

If you want to spend a little less, I own these Phillips noise-cancelling headphones and they're really comfortable. They're £39.99 on Amazon.

4. Buy a vacuum that suits your purposes, and save time in the long run.

"I love my Dyson vacuum – stupidly expensive – but I have a large, really hairy dog who literally sheds a shadow blanket of herself where ever she goes, which used to stress me out cleaning all the time and getting on my clothes, and now it's a breeze. It sucks up dirt you didn't even know about." –Pj Cameron via Facebook

I did some digging, and found this lightweight, animal-focused Dyson, on sale on Amazon for £273 (that's £100 off).

If that's too much, I really rate Vax hoovers, and this one is very similar to the Dyson and £84 on Amazon.

5. Say goodbye to mucky floors with a satisfying steam mop.

"Steam mops are also great. They clean and sanitize the floor and don’t leave behind residue. And you can just wash the pads instead of making more waste with disposable pads or having to touch nasty mop water. " –kimb42589e74f

This Shark mop is well-reviewed and currently on sale on Amazon for £49.99 (that's half-price). If you want to spend a little less, this Lakeland mop isn't electric, but is decently priced at £24.99 on Amazon.

6. Switch your binge-watching from laptop to big screen with a streaming device.

"My Roku stick! (But I guess any streaming device could fall under this category, the Roku is just cheaper lol.) I watch so much Netflix it's ridiculous. I don't even watch actual TV anymore. So easy and quick. No complaints." –Vanessa Jae Guevarra via Facebook

When it comes to choosing a streaming stick, the only huge difference between them is whether you have Amazon Prime Video or not. If you do, then the Fire TV Stick makes life a breeze (why is Prime Video so hard to navigate???). If not, I own the Chromecast and love it. Roku is also an option, as suggested by Vanessa, above.

Buy a Chromecast at John Lewis, £30.

Buy a Fire TV Stick at Amazon, £39.99.

Buy a Roku Streaming Stick at Amazon, £39.99.

7. Cook up a storm from scratch with a powerful stand mixer.

"My KitchenAid stand mixer is amazing. They definitely are not overrated. I use it with and without special attachments. I’ve saved money by making more things from scratch, as the mixer makes it easier! It is a very powerful and versatile kitchen tool. Anybody who even remotely enjoys cooking or would like to become better in the kitchen should get one. It is definitely worth the investment and will likely last a lifetime." –raebea

Buy a classic KitchenAid mixer on Amazon for £305.

A less expensive option is the well-reviewed Kenwood Stand Mixer, available for £195 on Amazon.

8. Make food prep a breeze –and eat more fruit and veg to boot – with a food processor.

"As someone with chronic depression and chronic hand pain, my food processor has been improving our diets for two years now, because it slices and grates vegetables and blends soups. We easily get our five a day now, and without it feeling overwhelming or too painful. I also make my own world’s best peanut butter, sweetened with maple syrup. It mixes my cake batters too, kneads bread dough, whizzes together pastry in a minute. Such a mercy for my poor old hand. I got it as a gift, and what a difference it makes – and for raw veg it just needs rinsing after rather than a big cleaning job.

"With depression, cooking can feel too daunting too, and you can easily end up living on toast, but with a food processor it’s made quick and easy. I buy organic veg too and simply wash it: no peeling. I am much healthier now I think, and in less everyday pain." –jennyb27

"Magic Bullet HANDS DOWN. You can do fuckin' everything with a Magic Bullet. They have a to-go cup attachment so you can blend your smoothie right in the cup you’re drinking it out of, a larger base for blending soups, sauces, dressings, etc. I use the smaller cup to pulse nuts and seeds…I could go on. I use it LITERALLY every day (I also cook a lot so sue me)." –taylorf4ced310f9

If you don't care too much about the colour, there's a great deal on a solid Kenwood food processor on Amazon – £39.99 for the white one. If you want it in silver, it's £59.47.

9. Batch-cook with ease with an electric multi-cooker.

"I've been living in an apartment with a really finicky stove top that loves to turn off while I’m cooking meats. Then comes the electric skillet! It’s nonstick, super easy to clean, and heats up within minutes. I use it for cooking meats, veggies, fried rice, and can even heat up some oil and use it to fry food. Love it!! I regret not using it sooner." –candicei

This large skillet is currently on sale on Amazon, £17.99 (that's half-price).

10. Stop second-guessing your keys and invest in a digital dead-bolt lock.

"I used to lock myself out an embarrassing amount of times, as well as that when you are carrying 10 bags of groceries (so I don't have to make two trips), fumbling around with keys like I should be on an infomercial or something was super annoying. I also hate stopping what I'm doing to open the door for the other people who live at my house because they're doing either of the above at whatever hour of the early morning. Now we just punch in a code to unlock the front door. If I had to do it over, the fingerprint one would be better for when someone has 'forgotten' the code after a big night." –Erin Gibbins via Facebook

This dead bolt has a really high rating and is currently on sale for £22.50 on Amazon.

11. Give your skin a boost with an electric facial cleansing brush.

"Electric facial cleansing brush!!! I was hesitant to buy it at first because I didn’t see how it could work better than my hands, but not only is it motivating to keep up my skin care routine, it also helps the products get deep into my pores and bubbly the way they’re supposed to be. My acne has never been better!" –zyxhannah.

I did some research, and found this well-priced and well-reviewed brush by Hangsun, which you can buy replacement heads for, for £59.99 on Amazon.

If you'd prefer a brand name, Clarisonic Mia is the go-to, and retails for £109 on Amazon.

12. Save money on shaving supplies with an epilator.


"My Braun Silk Epil Wet & Dry Epilator 7 has changed my hair-removal life since 2011! It’s literally the best product in terms of hair removal, as you can use it practically anywhere with all the different attachment caps for different areas (I even do my upper lip and chin hair with it too!), as well as in the shower! Up until I got married in 2015, I used the first one I got and treated myself to a new one before my wedding (well, why not?). Definitely a life-changing product for me and would 100% recommend!" –pwincessrasia

The model pwincessrasia describes is £86 on Amazon. If you're not bothered about using the epilator in the shower, there's a cheaper model for £28 on Amazon. Both are currently half-price to boot.

13. Please a picky cat with an automatic litter box.

"It’s expensive af, but I love my Litter Robot more than some relatives. My cat is extremely picky about having a clean box to defecate in, and it’s the best automatic litter box out there. Replacing a tray liner every week instead of scooping every day? Yes, please!" –joys4fb356aff

The Litter Robot is £488.95 on Amazon (!!!!). If you want a more budget option, I found this self-cleaning litter box for £29.99 on Amazon (but note that shipping will take one to two months).

14. Get crafty and save money at the tailor's with a sewing machine.

"A sewing machine. You can get a decent one for under £100, and it’s always useful." –marialburton9

I can't find a better deal than this Brother machine, which is available on sale at Amazon for £64.50 (that's almost a third off).

15. Communicate ~more efficiently~ through a home intercom system.


"We installed a Nucleus video intercom system in our home and now I never need to yell, 'COME DOWNSTAIRS, DINNER IS READY' at the top of my lungs ever again." –Amanda Marie via Facebook

If you're in the USA, you can buy Nucleus for Amazon Alexa with ease. It's not available in the UK yet, so may I suggest these nifty walkie-talkies, £18 on Amazon.

Some responses have been edited for clarity.

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The Bose headphones cost £199.99. Due to a typo, a previous version of this article said they cost £99.99.