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21 Insider Hacks For Taking Your Kids To Disneyland Paris

Bon voyage!

1. Brush up on your French.

2. Remember that you'll be a bit outside of Paris.

3. Get out the measuring tape.

4. Bring a buggy.

5. Check the weather forecast.

6. And check the French calendar too.

7. Wear comfy shoes.

8. Stock up on merch before you arrive.

9. Seek out sneaky short cuts.

10. Head for the most popular rides first.

11. Discoveryland is a must-see.

12. Finding Nemo fanatics need to check out Crush's Coaster.

13. And if you're a Dumbo fan, head for Animagique.

14. Be clever with your eating schedule.

15. And splurge on snacks.

16. Use all the assets you can.

17. A Character Breakfast is a fuss-free way to meet Mickey.

18. Pick the best spot for the parade.

19. Disneyland Paris has plenty of hidden Mickeys.

20. Don't forget to download the app.

21. And have fun!

Crush's Coaster is the only Finding Nemo-themed ride in the park. An earlier version of this article said it was the only PIXAR-themed ride in the park.