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19 Mouth-Watering Places To Eat Around The World

"The best ramen I've ever had in my life and quite possibly ruined all other ramen for me forever."

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the best meals they've eaten. Here are the results!

2. Steak at the Grill by Sean Connolly, Auckland, New Zealand

"There is this place in Auckland, New Zealand, called The Grill by Sean Connelly and Oh. My. God. everything I ate there was perfection in a mouthful. The meal was fairly simple: steak, potato gratin and carrots, but even now three years later I still have dreams about it. I live in London, UK and there have been multiple times I have considered doing the nearly 24 hour flight, just to get my hands on those carrots." – collettew2

3. Lobster at Barton G, Miami, USA

"Hands downs the best lobster pop tarts and steaks I've ever had." – laurenn


4. Brunch at Carmencita Bar, Madrid, Spain

gretcheno3 /

"They have different types of eggs Benedict (with bacon, avocado, or salmon) and you can get different combinations or all 3, as pictured, for 11€ as well as other standard brunch fare which is all incredible. They also sell incredibly boozy 1€ mimosas by the glass and very strong and well balanced Bloody Marys (also pictured). The reservation list for any day of the week is ridiculous but so worth it". – gretcheno3

6. Try everything at Rose's Luxury, Washington DC, USA

"One of the best meals I've had in general was at Rose's Luxury in D.C. Luckily I got to go before it was named best new restaurant in America!" – ariellej4

7. Seriously flavourful queso at Pelon's Tex-Mex, Texas, USA

David Weaver / Pelon's Tex-Mex

"When I moved to Austin, I went downtown to try a local restaurant. Went to this restaurant called Pelon's Tex Mex. Started with a queso that had chorizo and chunks of guac in it and I think I teared up because it was so good. Had the chicken enchiladas and it amazing. Flavorful and perfect. Literally went to Flavortown." – tinajbowen


8. A vegan feast at Bodhi Restaurant, Sydney Australia

"It is a vegan restaurant, however, my sister who isn't a vegan LOVED it! We shared a bunch of small plates. I took pictures of all of the food and sometimes look at them because I miss how good everything was. " –miadannelle

9. Green Curry at Chay's, Saint Martin

"Little hole in the wall, but possibly one of the best eating experiences I'd had in my entire life (as a huge foodie and a little bit of a food snob, that's saying a lot). I believe I had the tofu green curry." – riley1st

10. Or a veggie feast at Quattro, in Dubai, UAE

"It’s Mexican and Italian food, but the menu is entirely vegetarian! Including their cheeses (made from microbial rennet). And it doesn’t skimp out on variety either! My family and I rarely agree on where to eat, and this was a unanimous crowd-pleaser. If you ever get a chance to visit Dubai, please, please visit this place!" – igryffinfish


12. Tacos and ceviche with a view at Charly's Rock, Guaymas, Mexico

jovisz /

"Best tacos I've had were the octopus tacos at Charlie's Rock in Guaymas (San Carlos), Mexico. I live in Mexico full-time and eat tacos of all sorts several times a week so for those who know me, this declaration of the best is significant!" – Rae Crothers via Facebook

13. Duck with cherries at Labirintus Étterem in Szentendre, Hungary

"It’s a little tourist town and I visited with my Hungarian partner and mother in law. All the locals recommended it. It’s a weird place but the food and wine was incredible (they have a huge wine cellar underneath the building, hence the restaurant name)." – Sarah Alice More via Facebook

14. Truffle pasta at Mercado Centrale in Florence, Italy

"The best meal I've ever had was in the Mercado Centrale in Florence. It's like a little food court, but they have amazing steaks and cheap (but delicious) wine, and the most amazing, fragrant truffle pasta I've ever had." – Julia Albing via Facebook


16. A porterhouse steak from Buffalo Chop House, NY, USA

Facebook: BuffaloChophouse

"I lived in Buffalo, NY for a year and went to Buffalo Chop House for Valentine’s Day while living there. They had a 40oz porterhouse steak that night and to this day I remember every detail of that meal. From the crab cakes to the salad to the wine to the mash potatoes but that steak! It was aged, covered in ground pepper and some kind of magic. Melt in your mouth, juicy, flavorful, pure perfection. There is honestly no way to describe how good it was and I tell people the story all the time and have never tasted anything like it in my life. The steak alone was $250 and would gladly buy 10 more." – timothyf

17. Choose your own pasta at Macchina Pasta Bar, Barcelona, Spain

"You choose a shape of homemade pasta, the sauce that you would like, and any add in ingredients. It’s ready in about 5 minutes. You can even get a €12 bottle of wine!" – natashas

18. Super-fresh sashimi at Nobu, LA, USA

"It was without a doubt one of the best meals of my life, and I’ve eaten at some of the best restaurants in the world. Every dish we ordered was perfect. We even took our 11 and 9 year old kids there, and they loved it too!" – allisons4c

Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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