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    19 Insanely Delicious Ways To Eat A Yorkshire Pudding

    Not just for Sundays.

    1. Behold, the Yorkshire Pudding.

    2. Truly the most glorious dinner-sponge ever created.

    3. The scale of Yorkshire is obviously important.

    4. As you can see, anything smaller than a lemon should be scoffed at.

    5. Presentation is obviously key.

    6. As is the ratio of gravy to pudding.

    7. Home-made Yorkshire puddings are especially jolly.

    8. Yorkshires in bulk? Yes please!

    9. Leftover batter? TOAD IN THE HOLE.

    10. Double up, if you fancy it.

    11. Every burger needs a Yorkshire pudding centre.

    12. Put a pie inside your Yorkshire.

    13. Tuck your potatoes tightly inside.

    14. Or, in fact, your entire roast dinner.

    15. Haute cuisine gets a look in too.

    16. You can be classy with caviar.

    17. Or go the whole hog, and stuff it with gravy, cheese and chips.

    18. In fact, why would you even mess with perfection.

    19. No matter which way you choose to eat it, the Yorkshire pud is always happy to help.

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