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    15 Deliciously Spicy Dishes From Around The World

    Turn the heat up. Inspired by The World's Best Spicy Food.

    1. Bunny Chow ( Durban, South Africa)

    2. Camarones a la Diabla (Mexico)

    3. Devil's Curry (Malaysia)

    4. Çiğ Köfte (Turkey)

    5. Kaq'ik (Guatemala)

    6. Doro Wat (Ethiopia)

    7. Kothu Roti (Sri Lanka)

    8. Goulash (Hungary)

    9. Mosterdsoep (Netherlands)

    10. Machbous (Arabian Gulf)

    11. Pica Pau (Portugal)

    12. Mouth-watering Chicken (China)

    13. Gado Gado (Indonesia)

    14. Sambaro (Tanzania)

    15. Ras El Hanout (Morocco)

    For more recipes from all over the globe and to learn about the history and culture behind each dish, see Lonely Planet's The World's Best Spicy Food, available now from