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    17 Designers Who Are Doing The Lord's Work, Everyday

    They're the heroes we need. H/t r/mildlyinteresting

    1. The designer who thought of this clever office that has a coffee shelf to help you swipe in.

    2. And the service designer who put up a sign that gives the slope percentage for wheelchair users.

    3. The designer who added a checklist to the paint tin (to stop you going back to the shops mid-way through a job).

    4. The genius who put together these super-smart measuring spoons for all eventualities.

    5. The designer who thought, hang on, what if a toilet had a drink holder, phone holder, and handbag holder?

    6. The thoughtful designer in this senior living apartment block, that put a bench in the elevator for people to sit on.

    7. The smart graphic designer who made these posters that are designed to be read in the bathroom mirror.

    8. The interior designer who found an elegant toilet roll holder that covers up the plunger.

    9. This genius who designed a USB charger that can be plugged in upside down.

    10. This eco-minded soul who designed a recycling bin that is for pizzas only.

    11. The person who designed these super-sanitary urinals you can flush with your foot.

    12. The detail-orientated genius who put together this highly-satisfying packaging sync.

    13. The graphic designer who saw a chance and went for it, with a cheese shop that has a Swiss-cheesy business card.

    14. The thoughtful designer who decided that a car park ticket should remind you of where you parked.

    15. The inclusive designer who decided that headphones needed "Left" written on the left earbud in Braille.

    16. The hero who decided an outdoor restaurant should offer a rock to keep your napkin from flying away.

    17. And the tooth-friendly designer who popped some floss in with the jerky, to discreetly clean up your teeth after eating.

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