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    17 Delicious Dishes Every Londoner Should Try

    Can you make it through this post without drooling?

    1. Brunch at Mr Buckley's.

    Loads of options for veggies, and a Bloody Mary served with a spicy bacon kick.

    Price: From £6.50

    Make a booking here.

    2. Dead Hippie at MeatLiquor.

    Oh we know there are newer places, but this remains the best.

    Price: £8.50

    No bookings, but the queue moves quickly.

    3. Duck and Waffle at Duck and Waffle.

    Duck egg and confit duck leg served on top of a waffle, with mustard maple syrup. So luscious that it can split between two.

    Price: £17

    Make a reservation here.

    4. Pulled Pork and Bone Marrow Mash from Pitt Cue Co.

    A meat-eater's paradise.

    Price: £11.75.

    They don't take bookings, so be prepared to queue here.

    5. A crodough from Rinkoff's Bakery.

    Keep your cronut, New York.

    Price: £2.50

    You can buy them here.

    6. Udon at Koya.


    Bone Daddies can jog on. Koya is the king.

    Price Plain Udon from £6.90.

    They don't take reservations, but there's a quick turnover.

    7. Fish and Chips from Poppies.

    With branches in Camden and Spitafields, "Poppies" is an old-school, pickled-eggs-in-a-jar chip shop. I like the Haddock best.

    Price: From £11.90 eating in, £8.50 take-away for a fish supper.

    Make a booking here.

    8. Seabass at Mien Tay.

    You could order anything from here, or from any of the other Vietnamese places on this stretch, but this is my particular favourite.

    Price: From £10.50.

    Make a reservation here.

    9. Xiao Long Bao at Leong's Legend.

    Soupy little parcels of joy.

    Price: From £6.

    Make a booking here.

    10. Mushroom Ravioli at Obika.

    A veggie main that is just stellar. And the rest of the menu is pretty great too.

    Price: £13.50

    Make a reservation here.

    11. A Reuben special from Monty's Deli.


    Price: Approx £10.

    No bookings. And they sell out early.

    12. Meatfruit at Dinner by Heston.

    You don't even need to ask for bread, because you can eat this with a fork.

    Price: £16.

    Make a reservation here.

    13. Curly Whirly cake from Konditor and Cook.

    One slice is so perfect. Two is even more perfect.

    Price: £24 for a whole cake.

    Order online here or collect in store.

    14. A roti from the former Blue Van.

    Seriously good.

    Price: From £3.50.

    You can find her on under the Overground Station, Brixton.

    15. Custard doughnut from St John.

    Soooooooo gooooooooooooood. But be quick, they sell out.The jam ones are good too though.

    Price: Approx £3.

    Visit here for the baking schedule.

    16. Aubergine Schnitzel at the Gate.



    Price: It is currently being served as part of their Christmas menu, which is £25 for three courses.

    Make a booking here.

    17. A scotch egg from The Ship.

    Instagram: @shipwandsworth

    There's a reason they host a yearly Scotch Egg Challenge.

    Price: £4.25

    Make a booking here.

    What is your favourite London dish? Let us know in the comments.

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