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    19 Side Effects Of Dating A Graphic Designer

    Serif and sound.

    1. You will get some excellent Snapchats

    2. Because they've been drawn with one of these.

    3. You have sent a crummy brief at work, and hated yourself for it.

    Ailbhe Malone/BuzzFeed


    4. You know the importance of choosing a font.

    5. And that a font is not the same as a typeface.

    6. You have serious workspace envy.

    7. You now know every single argument for, and against Comic Sans.

    NBC/ Parks and Recreation / Via

    8. You care about kerning.

    9. You will own magazines that have only been bought for their design and layout.

    10. And so many bottles, which were bought for their cool label.

    11. You will find pencil shavings basically everywhere.

    12. Half your Instagram feed is now cool designers they've introduced you to.

    13. You can now recite the whole Pantone scale.

    14. You are aware of the particular pain of being a graphic designer who prefers to use a PC at home.

    15. You have come home to find your bookshelf colour coded.

    16. You live in constant fear of this.

    17. There is a reason why they're always late.

    The OC/ The CW / Via Ailbhe Malone/BuzzFeed

    18. And you always get a hand-drawn (or screen printed) birthday card.

    19. Because at the end of the day.

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