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15 Products For Creative But Lazy People

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

2. Let your mind relax and just draw what you see.

Hirameki: Draw What You See is an innovative book that presents the reader with lots of coloured blobs, dollops, and swooshes. You then use a pen or pencil to add shape and structure – turning a smudge into a hippo, for example.

Get it on Amazon, £9.95


3. Press reset on a busy brain with an interactive mindfulness book.

I've written before about this book, but it's really neat. It's got activities that make you switch off, and really engage – without the enforced solitude that turns me off mindfulness apps (does that make sense?). For example, there's an illustration of a jar of water, and you have to shake the book and wait for the water to "settle".

Get it on Amazon, £7.99

4. Mine the mind of creative genius Kate Moross for advice.

Her book Make Your Own Luck: A DIY Attitude to Graphic Design and Illustration is a bible for anyone starting out working in a creative industry, or for anybody who's trying to find their own style.

Get it on Amazon, £18.29

5. Mess things up in a safe space with a wrecked journal.


This review from Amazon user Lindzi says it better than I can: "If you sometimes struggle for inspiration for your creativity then this is perfect for you! With simple instructions on each page which you can interpret in whichever way you choose! This book will get you out in nature taking rubbings (who remembers doing this as a kid? It's time to revisit your childhood) it's also going to have you getting intimate in the shower with your creations! This is something that can be put to one side and added to at any time!"

Get it on Amazon, £12.83


10. Or colour your stress away in a more peaceful way.


11. Get crafty with an easy embroidery kit.

This one has the pattern: "Creativity is Intelligence having fun".

Get it on Etsy, £22

If you'd rather something less difficult, I love these stitch-your-journey maps (£17, Not on the High Street) – they come with all the tools and directions you need to re-create a favourite journey in paper and thread.

12. Create a paper time capsule for your future self.

This low-key journalling project has a list of letters to write to your future self (stuff like "write yourself a pep talk", "list places you want to travel"). Dream and write and seal it away for a rainy day.

Get it on Not on the High Street, £9.99

14. Get hands-on and go for a walk in a book.

This adorable concept takes a book and broadens its horizons. They explain: "It's called a Walk-in-Book because you can open it up and walk (or dive) in and start making new stories using the elements of the book that we’ve given you. In the take-it-anywhere tote bag, there is a map of different story locations, a character, a felt mask and 5 different story beginnings & quests."

It's labelled as being for children up to the age of 9, but I can't think of a better way to bypass writer's block.

Get it on Not on the High Street, £25

15. Reassess how you approach new ideas and Steal Like an Artist.

This book is a mini-manifesto about approaching creativity with an artist's eye. It's short and small enough to fit in a backpack – so it's a perfect way to refill on your ideas when you're running low.

Get it on Amazon, £6.99