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17 Cosy Reading Nooks To Get You Through The Winter

Snuggle up with a book.

1. Announce your intentions with bold lettering.

2. Embrace colour, don't hold back.

3. Be clever with the space you have available.

4. Tuck your nook under the stairs.

5. Turn a neglected corner into a wonderland.

6. Light up a gloomy space with a comfortable chair.

7. Add lots of fairy lights for a little nook.

8. Or for a larger one.

9. Turn a bay window into a space for dreaming.

10. A stack of page-turners + an inviting chair = bliss.

11. Hide away in a blanket fort.

12. Sink into a plush armchair.

13. Get super cosy with a duvet in your nook.

14. Be sure to stretch out.

15. Allow natural light to highlight the pages.

16. Keep your feet off the ground and your head in the clouds.

17. And don't forget to share.