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Posted on May 21, 2018

Could You Make It In The High-Powered World Of Professional Magic?

It's more than pulling rabbits out of hats, you know.

OMG! You've been training with the Great Zambini for months, and it's your opening night at the London Hippodrome.

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Can you believe it?

You're prepared, but you peek a glance at your notes before you step on stage – there are some secrets to the tricks you need to remember! Click "Start" below and you'll have 15 seconds to revise.

  1. Pick a card, any card!

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  2. We need an audience member for this next task, who will we choose?

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  3. Quick! While Zambini is walking on fire, you need to prepare the props for the next section. What goes in the box?

  4. And what goes in the hat?

  5. TA DAHHH! It's time for a mind-reading trick, and you know there's a person in the crowd you're supposed to choose – who is it?

  6. Here comes the big finale, you climb into a box! You just have to remember the code to break out. But what is it?


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