17 Adorable Reading Nooks That Are Cosy AF

Curl up with a book.

1. Make sure your decor encourages your goals.

2. Curl up with the softest blanket.

3. And gaze out the window while you read.

4. Stack your books and your bed for the cosiest nook.

5. A starry canopy will light your pages.

6. And fairy lights are a one way ticket to dreamland.

7. Sink into a plush armchair.

8. Bring things low to the ground for little bookworms.

9. Cool blues and copper accents = bliss.

10. And white walls keep things bright and breezy.

11. Hide behind endless bookshelves.

12. Let natural light illuminate your pages.

13. Bring the outside indoors.

14. Turn a tiny corner into a paradise.

15. Or make your own cupboard under the stairs.

16. Surround yourself with options.

17. Or just concentrate on your favourites, one at a time.

Thumbnail via @bookmarauder

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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