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    17 Clever Gardening Tips For City Living

    You don't need an outdoor space to grow plants. Promise.

    1. Turn a pallet upright for shelved planting.


    If you're lucky enough to have some balcony space, make the most of it by going vertical. Follow this easy DIY to use a wooden pallet as a raised bed.

    2. Layer planters for maximum effect.


    If you only have a small corner of space, then stack terracotta planters for overflowing flowers. DIY here .

    3. Hang plants using a shoe organiser.


    Build upwards, not outwards, and repurpose a shoe organiser as a planter. DIY here

    4. Use wine crates as a raised bed.


    Great for a small balcony. No balcony? Don't worry- if you have a wide windowsill, then you could use mini-wine crates as a windowbox. DIY here .

    5. No outdoor space at all? Take to the ceiling.


    Ryan Taylor's 'Babylon Lights' planted light fixture is perfect for any room. Grow herbs, or trailing blossoms. Buy it here.

    6. Combine greenery with your existing furniture.


    Siesta Studio's 'green lamp' is part lamp, part flower pot. Buy it here .

    7. Think small, with succulents. / Via

    Small jars or glasses filled with soil and succulents can make pretty terrariums. DIY here.

    8. An IKEA lantern can become a planter.


    It can then be hung wherever you like- outside or inside. DIY here.

    9. Hang living herbs over the sink for easy access.


    An IKEA bar and hook system means you can have living herbs instead of dried ones. DIY here.

    10. Or you can hang them on a board in mason jars.

    11. Or plant as normal and keep them by the sink.


    You can buy this planter on Etsy.

    12. Mason jars make pretty planters in general.


    This one has drainage in the bottom to make the plant more comfortable. Buy it here.

    13. A macramé hanger can hold a pot or a can.


    Like this one from Etsy.

    14. Also, these metal planters can hang from the ceiling.


    Buy them on Etsy.

    15. These double ceiling-planters are awesome.


    Buy them here.

    16. For a more low-maintenance option, go for air plants.


    Tillandsia take their nutrients from air, not for soil. All you need to do is plant it in something (like a cork for example), and mist it two-three times a week. There's more information here.

    17. Or try a zen garden.


    Sand, stones and a little rake mean you can tend your garden no matter how small your living space. Buy on Etsy here.

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