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    17 Clever Gardening Tips For City Living

    You don't need an outdoor space to grow plants. Promise.

    1. Turn a pallet upright for shelved planting.

    2. Layer planters for maximum effect.

    3. Hang plants using a shoe organiser.

    4. Use wine crates as a raised bed.

    5. No outdoor space at all? Take to the ceiling.

    6. Combine greenery with your existing furniture.

    7. Think small, with succulents.

    8. An IKEA lantern can become a planter.

    9. Hang living herbs over the sink for easy access.

    10. Or you can hang them on a board in mason jars.

    11. Or plant as normal and keep them by the sink.

    12. Mason jars make pretty planters in general.

    13. A macramé hanger can hold a pot or a can.

    14. Also, these metal planters can hang from the ceiling.

    15. These double ceiling-planters are awesome.

    16. For a more low-maintenance option, go for air plants.

    17. Or try a zen garden.