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21 Stylish Cinemas You Must Visit Before You Die

We'll buy the popcorn.

1. Prince Charles Cinema, London

Flickr: james_nash / Via Creative Commons
Flickr: minor9th / Via Creative Commons

Low ticket prices, Sing-Along-A-Shows, friendly staff, and a fantastic marquee all make the PCC the best little indie cinema in London.

2. Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds

@millie_marl on Instagram
Flickr: mr-numb / Via Creative Commons

Opened in 1914, the Hyde Park Picture House bills itself as the cosiest in Leeds. It still retains some of its original features, like a gorgeous decorated Edwardian balcony.

3. Duke of York's, Brighton

Flickr: mwichary / Via Creative Commons
Flickr: b-love / Via Creative Commons

A Grade II listed building, and home to the Brighton Film Festival, the Duke of York's also claims to be the oldest cinema in "continuous use" in Britain.

4. The Rex, Berkhamstead

With "a good wine list with snacks on clean plates", and the option to sit at a table, this art deco beauty is all any cinema lover could ask for.

5. The Regal Cinema, Melton Mowbray

Recently refurbished, this cinema offers sofas for two as well as regular seats, so get snuggly. Be aware that they only take cash.

6. The Cameo, Edinburgh

Flickr: woolamaloo_gazette / Via Creative Commons
Flickr: angusmcdiarmid / Via Creative Commons

A B-listed building, and a cinema since 1914, the Cameo is one of the oldest cinemas in Scotland still in use.

7. Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle

Not only does it have a great selection, the Tyneside Cinema is also hands-on, with a pop-up film school, a "creative space for playful adventures in filmmaking".

8. Curzon, London

Flickr: izzie_whizzie / Via Creative Commons
Facebook: curzon.cinemas

The arthouse cinema of choice for Londoners, with nine venues. A personal favourite is the Renoir in Bloomsbury, with its underground screen and bar.

9. The Electric, Birmingham

Creative Commons
Creative Commons
Flickr: hisgett / Via Creative Commons

Claiming to be the UK's oldest working cinema, the Electric is pretty special. Waiters and table service! Sofas! Their own magazine!

10. The Ritz, Thirsk

@mckendrickmultimedia on Instagram
@professorbrain on Instagram

A local cinema, run by volunteers which, adorably, still sells ice-creams during showings.

11. Empire Cinema, Sandwich

Flickr: andrewmbutler Creative Commons
Creative Commons
Flickr: nakedcharlton / Via Creative Commons

Built in 1937, it's hard to imagine a more charming place to while away some time with a film.

12. The Ritzy, London

Flickr: jabbarman / Via Creative Commons
Flickr: woody1969 / Via Creative Commons

A Brixton institution with frequent Q&A sessions, and a nice line in Vintage Sunday Screenings. They're also good value on Twitter.

13. Zeffirellis and Fellinis, Ambleside

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@jorgemoul on Instagram
@mandytjie on Instagram
@olyaash on Instagram

A combination cinema-Italian restaurant may sound odd, but when you think about it, what could be better than pizza and a movie?

14. No. 6 Cinema, Portsmouth

Located in the Historic Boatyard, this cinema's layout is out of the ordinary, with industrial touches. Their screenings are slightly infrequent (think one a day), but their recommendations are impeccable.

15. Broadway Cinema, Nottingham

Flickr: cc_chapman / Via Creative Commons

An indie, with a great film selection and an even greater aptitude for puns (see above left).

16. Chapter, Cardiff

Flickr: amcunningham72 / Via Creative Commons
@graceinthelane on Instagram

A multi-platform venue, with a great range of films, and an especially good cafe.

17. Screen On The Green, London

Flickr: markhillary / Via Creative Commons
Flickr: yumlog2 / Via Creative Commons

An Islington landmark, which also hosts live events, and once was the venue of the Clash's third ever gig.

18. City Screen, York

@jhr83 on Instagram

A solid arthouse cinema, which also shows more mainstream stuff. Bonus points for the beautiful riverside setting.

19. Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth

@elizecampbell on Instagram
@mikeral on Instagram
Facebook: aberystwytharts

Part of Aberystwyth University, this arts centre is a good at screening pieces from the National Theatre as it is showing more mainstream films like The Fault In Our Stars.

20. Belmont Filmhouse, Aberdeen

An indie cinema with a great sense of humour (see the Weyland-Yutani offer above, and Dance-Along screenings of Grease).

21. Grimm Up North, Manchester

Facebook: OliviaArtPhotography

Not strictly a *cinema*, but worth including, is Grimm Up North, a monthly event which shows horror and cult films, like Suspira with live score (above).

If you're interested, the Independent Cinema Office has a list of all the independent exhibitors in the UK here (although some entries need to be updated).

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