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    There Is Going To Be A Board-Game Café In London Pretty Soon

    Roll the dice.

    This is Snakes & Lattes. It's a board-game café in Toronto with over 3,000 games.

    This is Thirsty Meeples. It's a board-game café in Oxford with over 1,800 games.

    Flickr: edwardandcaroline / Via Creative Commons

    And now London is to have a board-game café of its own.


    Draughts will open in September 2014.

    Draughts will be run by two board-game fanatics.


    Draughts is the brainchild of Toby Hamand (left) and Nick Curci (right). The pair started out as rivals, but soon bonded over shared aspirations.

    Hamand told BuzzFeed: "Nick got in contact with me after finding the Draughts website, and we decided to go into business together rather than setting up rival cafes. We both love board gaming, and we both want to be our own bosses and create something bigger than ourselves individually."

    It will be located under the railway arches in Haggerston.


    While there are other bars with games in London, such as Loading Bar and Meltdown, the owners of Draughts explain that their focus will be exclusively on board games, on a large scale.

    Draughts will have at least 500 games.

    For just £5 per person, customers will be able to play for as long as they want, with no time limits and no game limits.


    For Draughts members, this reduces to £3.50 per person.

    It will serve food and drink.


    "Draughts will be open from midday until late at night, serving food, coffee, and alcohol," the pair said. "We will have a large rotating selection of beers, both bottled and (of course) draught."

    The owners have launched a Kickstarter campaign to put the finishing touches on the café.

    Hamand: "This will help us make sure our shelves are stocked with that last unheard-of title, let us add the final touches to the fit-out of our premises, and allow our fans to show their support and create an initial membership base."

    And overall, the owners are hopeful for the future.


    "Our hopes are that the cafe is successful enough for us for us to stay open and make a living, that's about it," Hamand told BuzzFeed. "We'd love to one day be able to expand and we have some ideas for expansion, but it's too early to be planning that yet."